SOP for provisioning of Modified Scooters to eligible personnel who were disabled while in Service

SOP for provisioning of Modified Scooters to eligible personnel who were disabled while in Service

SOP for provisioning of Modified Scooters to eligible personnel who were disabled while in Service by Directorate of Indian Army Veterans



1. While serving in the Army, soldiers suffer previous injuries due to inhospitable terrain and exigencies of service at times leading to amputation and injuries that impair their movement . To offer an opportunity for leading a dignified life and make them self reliant mobility equipment viz wheel chairs, modified scooters and modification to car to such soldiers who are disabled while in service are provided by Directorate of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV). These entitled personnel may opt for any one of the mobility eqpt through DIAV. This SOP lays down the procedure for provisioning of modified scooters. Modified scooter goes a long way in facilitating mobility of disabled soldiers who are amputees/sustained injuries to hip joint and lower limbs. Hence, a modified scooter is provided by DIAV as a welfare measure, to these individuals.


2. To lay down the process for delivery of modified scooter to soldier who are disabled while in service.

Eligibility Criteria

3. Entitled Personnel. Indian Army personnel who are disabled while in service. Personnel currently serving and those retired who suffered disability while in service provided they meet the laid down medical criteria may apply.

4. Med Criteria.

(a) Following category of pers, who have been disabled while in service, will be eligible for provision of the modified scooters:-

(i) Amputee of either limbs.
(ii) Hip injuries(operated/malunited fractures).
(iii) Injuries of lumber/sacral region.

(b) Certificate of Medical Auth. A certificate from orthopedic surgeon /neurosurgeon/ medical specialist of Service Hospital, clearly spelling out that the individual requires assistance for walking, is a pre requisite for the eligibility.

(c) Second Issue. Beneficiaries will be eligible for issue of second scooter 15 years after the first issue, subject to fulfilling the eligibility criteria listed above.


5. Cost of the Modified Scooter. Modified scooter to eligible pers will be provided by in coord with the LMA nearest to the native place of the beneficiary or place of posting in case of serving pers.

6. Cost of Registration Insurance & Other Statuto Taxes. While the modified scooter 1s provided free of cost to the beneficiary, cost of registration, insurance and statutory taxes (if any) will be borne by the beneficiary.

7. Collection of the modified scooter from the nearest dealership of the designated Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and handing over to the beneficiary will be coordinated by the LMA/ nominated local unit. The process is enumerated subsequently .

Methodology for Applying

8. Application Form.

(a) The beneficiary is reqd to apply to DIAV through a prescribed form. The application Form is at Appx A of this SOP and also avlb for download from DIAV website The application in case of serving pers will be forwarded through unit/Military Hospital/ Artificial Limb Centre (Pune/Mohali).

(b) Retired personnel who fall under the med cat as listed at Paragraph 4 above during service, may forward the same through Zila Sainik Welfare Officer of their home district the nearest Stn HQ/ Col Veterans. Application for second issue of the modified scooter will also be forwarded through the same channel.

9. Supporting Documents. Following documents will been closed with the application form:-

(a) Photograph indicating the disability.
(b) Service particulars.
(c) Copy of latest PPO.
(d) Medical documents indicating circumstances of sustaining the injury Medical classification board/etc).
(e) Opinion of orthopedic surgeon/neurosurgeon /medical specialist stating the disability and requirement of assistance in walking.
(f) Certificate to the effect that the individual has not been provided with similar automotive device by any other agency in last 15 years.
(g) In case of second issue, duly attested copy of the registration certificate of the first scooter.

Modus Operandi for Delivery of Modified Scooters

10. Role of DIAV.

(a) Obtain applications along with all supporting documents from desirous individuals meeting the laid down criteria and maintain a seniority roster of all the applicants. Applications will be scrutinized by R&W (3/4) Section at the DIAV.

(b) Scrutinise applications and sp docus to finalise list of bonafide beneficiaries.

(c) In respect of all eligible beneficiaries where applications have been found in order. the Jt Dir (Corpus) at DIAV will be responsible for progressing delivery of the modified scooters to approved beneficiaries. Post necessary vetting by Col R&W, the Jt 01.r will share det1ls of the eligible and approved beneficiaries along with their location/place of delivery to Nodal officer of the designated OEM of the modified scooter, for planning and prepositioning of stocks.

(d) Coordinate Handing Over modalities at military stations, through Local Military Authority (LMA) wherever feasible/convenient. Whenever, org an event become non­ practical due to unavoidable circumstances, the modified scooters will be provided to the beneficiaries from nominated dealership of the OEM, in consultation with DIAV duly coordinated by the LMA/ nearest local unit.

(e) DIAV will provide requisite details to the designated OEM to meet their obligation under prevalent guidelines (CSR etc) for participation in the noble cause.

(f) Obtain Supply Order from designated OEM and fwd to concerned LMA for timely coord for provisioning of the mod scooter to affected beneficiaries.

(g) Scrutiny of Applications at DIAV

(i) R&W (3/4) Section at DIAV will be responsible for scrutiny of the applications received for issue of modified scooters. AAG (R&W3/4) will scrutinise the case in the light of documents forwarded by the applicants :-

(aa) Where applications are found incomplete, R&W Sec, DIAV will contact the concerned beneficiary/LMA for expeditiously submitting reqd sp docu for early processing of the case.

(ab) Applications that are illegible will be returned to the originator specifying the reason.

(ac) Applicant will be regularly informed of the status of his application.

(ad) Data of complete applications from eligible beneficiaries will be entered in data base by the Section.

(ii) Jt Dir Corpus will maintain a seniority wise roster of all eligible applicants. Waitlist will be put up to Brig DIAV on a monthly basis. The Joint Director will also indicate location/district wise number of beneficiaries to Nodal Officer of the designated OEM providing modified scooters on a monthly basis post necessary vetting by Col R&W.

11. Role of LMA.

(a) Nominate a Coordinating officer and share his/her contact details with Joint Director Corpus at DIAV.

(b) On receipt of particulars of the beneficiaries from DIAV, the LMA/nominated local unit will contact each beneficiary and verify their details including location/ contact number. Variation, if any, will be brought to the knowledge of the Joint Director Corpus who shall notify the designated OEM of the change. On receipt of supply order from DIAV, coord with local OEM dealer wrt availability of the modified scooters.

(c) Act as a link between OEM dealer and the beneficiaries and ensure speedy completion of formalities viz registration, insurance etc. The cost of registration insurances statutory taxes and additional accessories will be borne by the beneficiary.

(d) Plan and organise Handing Over events where feasible in coord with local dealer and in consultation with Jt Dir Corpus. Adequate notice will be given to all concerned including representatives of the OEM for their participation at the event.

(e) Obtain a receipt from the beneficiary (in triplicate), after the ceremony. Format of the receipt is at Appendix B. Two copies of the said receipt will be forwarded to DIAV alongwith a duly attested copy of Registration Certificate of the vehicle and photographs of the handing over ceremony, for updation of database.

12. Role of Designated OEM.

(a) Based on reqmt fwd by DIAV cater to availability of registered No of Modified scooter at designated locations.

(b) Fwd Supply Order with details of dealership assigned the resp of provisioning modified scooters.

(c) Ensure no direct dealing with the beneficiary. All actions/ formalities will be through the LMA/ nominated local unit.

{d) Assist in org handing over events in coord with the local unit.

{e) Local dealer to provide details of cost of registration and insurance of the modified scooter that would be submitted by the beneficiary through the LMA/ designated local unit. The Dealer will facilitate regn and other formalities prior to handing over the modified scooter to the beneficiary .


13. Looking after the welfare of disabled soldiers both during their service and finally on their retirement is essential for maintaining their self esteem and making themselves reliant. Notable corporate houses have under their CSR from time to time come fwd to extend support in recognition of the unparalleled service rendered by the soldiers disabled while in service.

Case No. B/45391/SOP/Mob/AG/R&W(Corpus)
Dated: 28 Feb 2022

(Anil MVarghese)
Col DIAV (R&W)
for Brig DIAV

Appendix B
(Refers to Paragraph 11 (e) of the SOP)


1. I have received modified scooter (make and model of the scooter) from _______ (dealer) on _______ (date) at _______ (place) as part of CSR from Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

2. The vehicle is registered with _______ (name of MV Licensing authority) and registration number allotted is _______.

3. I understand that the said modified scooter is for my personal use only. I shall not sell/ transfer/ lease/ dispose off the said vehicle without permission of DIAV.

4. I also undertake not to change specifications of the said vehicle on my own or through unauthorized means.


Rank, Name)
Mobile Number




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