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Preservation of Backup of Sanchay Post Databases and reporting of errors in respect of Sanchay Post Application – Department of Posts Order dated 23.03.2021

SB Order No. 06 / 2021

File No. FS-76/1/2021 -FS-DOP
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts (FS Division)

Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001


All Head of Circles I Regions

Subject: Preservation of Backup of Sanchay Post Databases and reporting of errors in respect of Sanchay Post Application – Reg.

Madam / Sir,

A kind reference is invited to the SB Order No. 7 I 2010 dated 11.03.2010 issued in connection with the Security of Sanchay Post Database and issues relating to common problems, database back-up, storage and preservation and a revised procedure on maintenance of Database, Signature Scanning, Security of database, Frequency of data backup, Storage location of data backup, Preservation of audit trail and accountability of these activities was circulated. The same is reiterated in the Annexure- I.

2. It is observed that in some non-CBS offices, copies of backup of Sanchay Post databases are not being preserved as per the security guidelines issued by Directorate. Since Sanchay Post data is decentralized, preservation of backup of databases at periodical intervals (daily, weekly and monthly) as per security guidelines issued by Directorate, is essential for the purpose of investigation, prevention of frauds / misappropriation, backup restoration in case of system failures and for smooth day to day functioning of those offices.

3. Whenever error is displayed in Sanchay Post application in respect of non-CBS offices working in Sanchay Post, the offices should report the error immediately along with the complete details (such as name of the non-CBS office, Division email id and details of the error along with error screenshot) from official email id to CEPT SELAN Help Desk ([email protected]).

4. In case of any database consistency errors, the errors may be forwarded to CEPT SELAN Help Desk along with authentication of Divisional Heads (scanned copy of letter signed by Divisional Heads). Divisional Heads shall provide authentication only after ascertaining the correctness of the complete details provided by the office including the details of error reported in transactions of previous days, any action attempted for rectification of the error, along with date of availability of recent backup of the database of the office, which is in good condition without any database consistency errors.

5. Hence the Circles I Regions are requested to ensure that backup of databases in respect of non·CBS offices are preserved without fail as per the security guidelines issued by Directorate and errors are reported as detailed above.

6. This is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority.

Encl: Annexure – I

Asst. Director (SB-I)

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