Grant of Medical Advance to the CG Employees: 48th NC JCM Meeting

Grant of Medical Advance to the Central Government Employees: 48th NC JCM Meeting

Minutes of the 48th Meeting of the National Council (JCM) held on 26.06.2021 vide DoP&T OM No.3/4/2021-JCA dated 14th July, 2021

5.2 Item No. NC-47 / 16/ 19: Grant of Medical Advance to the Central Govt. Employees.

The demand in brief is that the ceiling for medical advance be enhanced from the existing Rs 10,000 to Rs.50,000. This item was discussed in the last meeting of the NC . A copy of the relevant OM No. S. 14025/ 18/ 20 15-MS/ EHSS dated 17.10.2016 has since been made available to Staff Side. Secretary (Health) explained the provisions of the said OM & informed that now CGHS and CS(MA) beneficiaries may be granted 90% medical advance of the approved CGHS package rates for all indoor treatment without any ceiling for the amount. For OPD treatment, medical advance may be limited to 90% of the total estimated expenditure of the treatment, subject to the condition that the advance for OPD treatment may only be granted when the total estimate of expenditure for OPD treatment including tests/ investigations is more than Rs.10,000. In case of amount less than Rs.10000, immediately upon making the expenditure, the government servant can claim reimbursement from his office.

Shri C. Srikumar, Member, Staff Side stated that the guidelines are not being interpreted properly by the lower functionaries and treatment for diseases like jaundice, diarrhea etc. is not covered by these guidelines .

Decision: Chairman directed that a clarification maybe issued by MoHFW regarding cases of treatment for diseases other than those covered under the package rates and an advance @ 90% of the estimates may also be given, subject to CGHS rates. With this direction, the item to be treated as closed.

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