Glitches in Digital Life Certificate (DLC) – BPS

Glitches in Digital Life Certificate (DLC) - BPS

Glitches in Digital Life Certificate (DLC) – BPS writes to Secretary, DOPW

2/13-A~ LGF Backside, Jangpura New Delhi -110014

No BPS/SG/DLCA021/01

Dated 11.04.2021


The Secretary,
GOI, M/O Personnel, PG & Pensions-DOPPW
(For the kind attention of Shri Indevar Pandey IAS.)

Subject: Glitches in Digital Life Certificate (DLC)


While welcoming you to the new assignment, which is quiet challenging. Bharat Pensioners Samaj assures you of full co-operation and bring to your notice the following issue needing urgent attention:-

1. Pensioner Sh Kuldeep Singh Kattri resident of 2511, Phase 7 Mohali (pb) mob. No 9316028035. Who submitted DLC on 19.11.2020 vide ID no 9616481984. His bank a/c is at Pb & Sind Bank Phase 8, Mohali. Has reported that his March pension is not credited till now i.e 10.04.2021 for want of DLC. This pensioner is continued to bed, is unable to stand and as such can’t visit the bank physically.

2. In case of Pensioners Shri Ramaeshwar Kumar PPO Not 10802099-SBI AL. Block DDA Market Shalimar Bag -Delhi- 110088 A/C no 52010661145 Submitted DLC on 22.10.2020 vide Praman ID 3687169557 which was acknowledged by the PDA through SMS, Did not get March 021 Pension PDA, insisted on physical DLC which he is forced to submit now to get his pension.

3. General Secretary, NFRPA Guwahati has reported that quiet a number of pensioners have not received their March 2021 Pension as concerned Banks / Post Offices failed to download their DLCs Similar reports are pouring in from other places too.

Sir, As we know, the flow of the DLC Generation, Access and Acceptance of DLC is as follows:

1. Jeevan pramaan App generate the DLC on successful authentication of Biometric data stored at Adhaar (UID).

2. Pensioner can access the DLC, download and have a copy.

3. Pension Disbursing Authorities ( HPOs, Banks) have to access the Jeevan Pramaan and download the Life Certificates related to the Pensioners,

4. Link the downloaded Life Certificates with the pensioners.

Apparently, some Banks/HPOs are not accessing/downloading and linking the DLCs resulting in non disbursement pension in time. Thereby, causing, avoidable hardship to poor old pensioners.

This need to be take up urgently, with Concerned CPPCs.

With Regards

Yours Truly,

SC Maheshwari

Secy Genl Bharat Pensioners Samaj

Digital Life Certificate

Source: Bharat Pensioners Samaj