Are you eating fake/Plastic rice? Here’s how you can identify it

plastic rice

Can you imagine what if the rice you have daily is not real? What if you have been having plastic rice all along? Has the time come when we need to start growing our own food? Do we have to be very of every food item in the market? Are we eating and also feeding our kids all things wrong?

plastic riceWe are sure these are just some of the questions that are coming to your mind when you think about this scary stuff called plastic rice. And who knows how many of us have already have had this dreadful dish without really realizing it too. Need we tell you about the side effects of having such stuff as well?

Sadly, the plastic rice problem is not only India but also in Singapore, Indonesia, Srilanka as well. And to make matters worse finding out if the rice you have is plastic or fake is very difficult.

The fake rice is made of synthetic chemicals which naturally are very harmful to your body.

A study has revealed that the toxic synthetic rice is basically made of sweet potatoes and synthetic resin which is plastic. The end result is simple, the rice looks exactly like the real one. Apart from the looks department they taste the same as well. And to make matters worse they are mostly sprayed with addition fragrance spray which makes it smells like real rice too.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can identify plastic rice from real rice at the comfort of your home. Here’s how you can without using chemicals:

Boiling test

The simplest way is to observe the rice. If it ends up forming a thick layer at the top of your container, it’s plastic.

Water test

Drop a glass of raw rice inside a glass of water and stir it. If it surfaces it’s plastic, as real rice cannot float.

Fire test 

Burn a handful of rice with a lighter to see if it smells anything like burning plastic.

Hot oil test

Drop some rice into a pan with extremely hot oil (at least around 200 degrees). Plastic rice will melt and form a sticky layer at the bottom.

Fungus test 

Put some of your boiled rice in a container and leave it there for 3 days. If you do not see fungus or mould in it by then it could very well be plastic.