Annual Certificate regarding insurance by the officials availing House Building Advance: DOP

Allotment of an appropriate house to CMDs/MDs of Railway PSUs

Annual Certificate regarding insurance by the officials availing House Building Advance under House Building Advance Rules (HBA)- 2017 : DOP order dated 08.07.2021

File N0.12-01/2020-PAP
Government of India
Ministry of Communication
Department of Posts
(Establishment Division)/ P.A.P Section

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 1100 01.
Date: 08thJuly, 2021.


All Chief Postmasters General/ Postmasters General
Chief General Manager, BD Dte/Parcel Dte/ PLI Directorate
Director RAKNPA/ GM CEPT/ Directors of All PTCs,
Addl. Director General, Army Postal Service, R.K. Puram, New Delhi
All General Managers (Finance)/ DAP/ DDAP

Sub: Annual Certificate regarding insurance by the officials availing House Building Advance -Regd.


I am directed to this Directorate letter of even number dated 14.02.2020 on the above noted subject.

2. It has been observed that the instructions contained in Rule 7(b) (now Rule 10) of House Building Advance Rules (HBA)- 2017 are not being followed scrupulously. The Rule provides that immediately on completion or purchase of house / flat, as the case may be, the Government servant concerned shall insure the house / flat at his own cost with recognized institutions as approved by IRDA for not less than the amount of advance and shall keep it so insured against damage by fire, flood and light, till the advance together with a sum of interest thereon is full repaid to Government and deposit the policy with Government. Numerous cases are, however, being referred for condonation of periods of non-insurance

3. The Rule further provides that the Heads of Departments are required to obtain a certificate annually in the month of July, before disbursement of the pay for the month of July from each and every Government servant.

4. The Circles are requested to follow the provisions of the Rule strictly and take suitable action against the defaulters where called for.

Yours faithfully,

(D.K. Tripathi)
Assistant Director General (Estt.)
Phone no.: 011-23096191

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