Providing Shram Suvidha Portal Login to District Offices: EPFO Circular

Providing Shram Suvidha Portal Login to District Offices: EPFO Circular

Providing Shram Suvidha Portal Login to District Offices: EPFO Circular dated 06.10.2023

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Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan, 14- Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066
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Date: 06.10.2023

All Addl. CPFCs (HQ)/ Addl. CPFCs
All RPFC-1/II(OICs), Regional Offices
All RPFC-I]/APFC(OICs), District Offices

Subject: Providing Shram Suvidha Portal Login to District Offices -reg.


Please refer to the E-Mail sent on 22.08.2023 regarding creation of login of Regional Head in District Offices on Shram Suvidha Portal (SSP).

2. In this regard, it is informed that since District Offices are carrying out many essential roles and functions for securing compliance of establishments such as Coverage and Compliance, Assessment of Dues and Damages, Handling of Grievances, Recovery of Assessed amounts, E-KYC for subscribers and other miscellaneous tasks, it is essential to provide the login functionality on Shram Suvidha Portal to assign inspections in respect of establishments under the jurisdiction of District Offices.

3. Accordingly, separate Jurisdiction Offices have been created on Shram Suvidha Portal for each District Office and establishments falling under their respective Offices have been mapped enabling the District Offices for securing necessary compliance.

4. Since, the mapping of establishments is done on the basis Jurisdiction provided in the HRD’s Circular No. HRD/78/2022/District under RO/DO//679, dated 06.10.2022, any discrepancy, if arises, in the mapping of establishments, there exists a functionality on Shram Suvidha Portal, where the establishments can be mapped to the original office by the office against which the establishments were inadvertently mapped.

5. It is, therefore, requested to ensure that the mapping of Inspectors be completed by concerned Regional Head of DOs, under their respective jurisdiction.

(This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority)

Yours faithfully

(Abhay Ranjan)
Addl. Central PF Commissioner

Source: EPFO

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