Revision of Pension for Pre-2006 Defence Pensioners and family Pensioners

PCDA instruction on Revision of pension for pre-2006 Commissioned Officers/JCOs/ORs pensioners/ Family pensioners who are in receipt of Special Pension/Invalid Pension/Service element of disability pension with less than 15 years qualifying service




Circular No. 551

Dated: 28.12.2015


Subject:- Revision of pension in r/o pre-2006 Commissioned Officers/JCOs/ORs pensioners/ Family pensioners.

Reference:- This office Circular No. 547 dated 11.09.2015.

Pension Disbursing Agencies are aware that as per this office Circular No. 547 dt. 11.09.2015, Service/Family Pension in respect of JCOs/ORs are to be revised w.e.f. 01.01.2006 by the Pension Disbursing Agencies as per tables attached with circular. Specific tables for revision of Special Pension/Invalid Pension/ Service Element of Disability Pension in respect of Pre- 01.01.2006 PBORs retirees discharged with less than 15 years of qualifying service and Service Pension of TA personnel irrespective of their qualifying service have not been prepared as the Pension Disbursing Agencies would not be in a position to revise such cases. Hence, such cases shall be referred to the Pension Sanctioning Authorities by Pension Disbursing Agencies on enclosed Annexure to issue corrigendum PPOs in affected cases.

2. Similarly the DSC personnel who are receiving two pensions, one for regular Army Service and other for DSC Service, their pension for DSC Service shall not be revised. The pension for regular Army service shall be revised under these orders by the Pension Disbursing Agencies. A reference for revision of pension for DSC service will be sent to PCDA (P) on attached Annexure for issue of Corr. PPO. However, Pension of DSC pensioners receiving only one pension for DSC service shall be revised under these orders from attached Table of the Army personnel. DSC pensioners who were on clerical duty and other duty, their pension shall be revised by the attached table for group ‘Y’ and group ‘Z” respectively.

3. Maximum term of engagement for various ranks is mentioned in Appendix ‘X’ of this office important Circular No.501 dated 17.01.2013. To maintain the uniformity in the tables, the rates have been shown up to the qualifying service of 28 years for each rank. The Service Pension may be revised only up to maximum term of engagement.

4. In Annexure ‘C’ for Navy attached with GOI, MOD letter dated 03.09.2015 circulated vide Circular No. 547, the Column Nos. have been typed erroneously as 2, 3, 5……, same may be treated as re-numbered from ‘1’ upward accordingly. Column No. 21 of Annexure ‘B’ (Air Force) of GOI, MOD letter dated 03.09.2015 circulated vide this office Circular No. 547 has erroneously been typed as ‘2021’, the same may be read as Column No. ‘21’ instead of ‘2021’. Further, in column 9 of Annexure ‘B’, the rate shown for the rank of CPL ‘Z’ against the qualifying service of 25.5 years has erroneously been typed as ‘Rs. 5151’, the same may be read as Rs. 4922 instead of Rs. 5151.

5. Similarly, equivalence of ranks across the three services has also been provided in Circular No. 501 dt- 17.01.2013 and Circular No. 512 dt- 26.06.2013. The rank of Chief Mechanician is equivalent to Chief Artificer. Therefore, the pension of Chief Mechanician shall be revised according to Chief Artificer. As per this office ibid circular, the rank of Mechanician IV is equivalent to Artificer IV. Therefore, the pension of Mechanician IV shall be revised equivalent to Artificer- IV.
6. Further, revision under these order may be done on the basis of rank last held and not for the rank for which pensioned as the same has already been clarified in Note below Annexure-III of GoI, MoD letter dated 11.11.2008 circulated vide this office Circular No. 397 dated 18.11.2008 (as amended from time to time).

7. All other terms and conditions shall remain unchanged.

8. This circular has been uploaded on this office website for dissemination across the all concerned.

(G.K. Baranwal)

Dy. CDA (Pensions)

No. Gts/Tech/0167/XXI

Dated: 28.12.2015

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The Principal CDA(P), Allahabad-211014

The Principal CDA(NAVY),Mumbai-400039

The CDA(Air Force),New Delhi-110066

Subject: Improvement of Special Pension/Invalid Pension/Service Element of Disability Pension/Service pension of TA Personnel/ DSC(second Pension) Discharged/Invalided out prior to 01.01.2006.


As per our records, the under mentioned pensioner is in receipt of Special Pension/Invalid Pension/Service element of disability pension with less than 15 years qualifying service/Service pension for TA Service/ DSC which is required to be revised in terms of MOD letter No. 1(04)/2015(II)-D(Pen/Pol) dated-03.09.2015.

1 Name of PBOR
2 Rank, Group and Regimental number
3 Qualifying service
4 Original Pension Payment Order Number
5 Latest corrigendum PPO No. if any
6 Type of pension
7 Date of commencement of pension
8 Pension on the date of discharge
9 Pension as on 01.01.1996 ( in case of Pre-
01.01.1996 retiree)
10 Consolidated pension as on 01.01.2006 on implementation of Sixth CPC
11 Complete address of Pension disbursing Agency
12 SB Account No/TS No/HOO No.
13 Address of the pensioner


Signature of PDA

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