One Rank One Pension – If no solution could be reached now OROP may be delayed for 4 or 5 months

One Rank One Pension – If no solution could be reached now OROP may be delayed for 4 or 5 months as Govt proposes for forming a committee if talks with OROP veterans fails.

If OROP could not decided now, it may delayed for 4 to 5 months moreDue to the rigid stand taken by the EX-SERVICEMEN, it seems the situation has worsened more and may delay the entire process. The reliable sources points out that, if no deal is met in another 3 or 4 days the entire exercise may be delayed by 4 or 5 months. The delay will be hurting more to the EX-SERVICEMEN who retired in the lower grades. Reliable sources also point out that in case no  consonance is arrived at, the likely result would be to form a committee, which may further delay the process.

Although it is assumed that the Government too is in favour of OROP, the real difference lies with the period at which or how long it should be continued without making a change. Elements suggest that the PM himself is interested in solving this OROP. It was the PM, who was instrumental in reducing the pension period from 10 to 5 years. Though this is still accepted by the soldiers and the lower class EX-SERVICEMEN, the deal has got the nod of the retired EX-SERVICEMEN Officers. If this agreement gets going, then it is expected that the Government would have to spend Rs.8500 crores more every year.

The real difference between the Government and the EX-SERVICEMEN now is, the Government is in favour of making a change in the pension scheme every 5 years, whereas the EX-SERVICEMEN wants a valuation every year. The EX-SERVICEMEN are of the view that the changes in pension scheme should be implemented, taking into consideration, the Officers and soldiers retiring every year. The Government is of the view that, such considerations are beyond its reach, taking into consideration the number of EX-SERVICEMEN involved and the limitations in the Government machinery.

Sources indicate that the Government is ready to accept all the demands of the EX-SERVICEMEN except the time factor issue. It is very obvious that the Government is very keen in resolving this issue within the next 2 or 3 days before the Bihar Election dates are announced. After which the Government may not be in a position to announce the OROP, the fact is, it would be a huge plus for them in Bihar if it is implemented now, and the other worry for the Government is, soon after the Bihar elections the Parliament session would begin, where it expects stern oppositions, which will make matters worse for the Government.

Sources points out, because of all the above reasons, the Government too is not in a mood to delay the process and expects to resolve the issue in another 2 or three days, failing which it is in favour of forming a committee under any retired Judge. In case of such a move, the OROP will delayed further then the EX-SERVICEMEN (Soldier Rank) who retired prior to 1996 will be the worst sufferers because there is a difference of more than 82% when compared to the EX-SERVICEMEN who retired after 1996. Where as EX-SERVICEMEN who retired in the Grade of Major the difference would be just 53%.

The other problem which is being raised here is, all the agreements met till now is based on the cut of date of 1st April 2014, which was accepted for the implementation of OROP, but now the same would be 1st July 2014, which will affect the calculations even more.

Source: Jagran

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