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Grant of Service element to pre-30.08.2006 released non regular officers

Grant of Service element to pre-30.08.2006 released Non Regular Officers in Aggravation cases – Service Element of disability pension in respect of non-regular officers would calculated after taking into account full commissioned service

No. 16(01)/2012-D (Pen/Pol)
Government  of India
Ministry  of Defence
Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare

New Delhi, the 23rd March, 2015

The Chief of the Army Staff,
The Chief of the
 Naval Staff
The Chief of the Air Staff

Subject: – Grant of  Service element to pre-30.08.2006 released Non Regular Officers in Aggravation cases.


The undersigned is directed to refer  to Para-2  of this  Ministry’s  letter  No.
1(9)/2006-D(Pen-C) dated  30.08.2006  in which  the benefit  of service  element of disability pension in respect of non-regular officers  in  aggravation case was allowed  only  to  those   who  retired  on or  after the  date  of issue   of letter  i.e. 30.08.2006  and past  cases were  not to be re-opened.

2.          In partial  modification   of above  provision,  the  President is now  pleased to  decide that in  the case of  aggravation    too,  service   element  of  disability pension  in respect   of non-regular officers  would  be calculated   after  taking  into account  the full commissioned  service  rendered by them  as calculated  in the case of Regular  Commissioned Officers.   As such,  they  would  also be allowed  the benefit  of revision  with effect from 30th August 2006 as allowed  to attributable cases as per  Government  letter  under  reference.    Para 2 of the said letter  may be deemed  to have been  amended to this extent.

3.        Terminal  gratuity already  paid shall be refunded as per existing  orders.

4.        All other conditions  of the impugned  letter  remain  unchanged.

5.          This issues  with the concurrence   of the Finance  Division of this Ministry vide their  ID Note No. 10(10)/2012-Fin/Pen dated  07th  October  2014.

6.        Hindi version  will follow.

Yours faithfully,

(Prem  Parkash)
Under Secretary  to the Government  of India

Download 16(01)/2012-D (Pen/Pol) dated 23.03.2015 issued by Defence Ministry

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