Enhancement of Age of superannuation of Doctors in Ordnance Factory

BPMS requests Enhancement in the age of superannuation of Doctors of Ordnance Factory Board (Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence)

BPMS letter to Minister of State regarding Enhancement of Age of superannuation of Doctors in Ordnance Factory


REF:BPMS/DoP&T/Retirement/53 (7/3/L)

Dated: 18.09.2016


Dr. Jitendra Singh,

Minister of State,

Government of India,

Ministry of Personnel,

PG & Pension,

North Block, New Delhi – 110001

Subject: Enhancement in the age of superannuation of Doctors of Ord Fy Board (Department of Defence Production, Min of Def).

Respected Sir,

With due regards, your attention is invited to the speech of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi which he delivered on 26th May, 2016 in Saharanpur (U.P.) in a rally to observe the second anniversary of his Government, which was as under:

“There is a shortage of doctors. In government hospitals, their retirement is 60 years in some states, 62 in some others. If adequate number of medical institutes were there, then we would have more doctors and would not feel the shortage. It is difficult to make doctors in two years but poor families cannot be forced to live without doctors.

“Therefore from Uttar Pradesh, I want to announce this to my countrymen that this week our government’s Cabinet will take a decision within a week and the retirement age of our doctors, whether in states or Government of India, would be made 65 years instead of 60 or 62.”

Honouring the promise of Prime Minister, the Department of Personnel & Training, MoP, PG & P, GOI issued Notification (GSR No. 567-E, Dated 31.05.2016) for amendment in FR 56 (bb) whereby the age of superannuation in respect of General Duty Medical Officers and Specialists included in Teaching, Non-Teaching and Public Health Sub-cadres of Centre Health Service has been enhanced to 65 yrs.

Considering the huge shortage of Specialists (75%) & GDMOs (25%) in Indian Ordnance & Ordnance Equipment Factories (Department of Defence Production, Min of Defence) this issue was brought to notice of Hon’ble Defence Minister, Shri Manohar Parrikar by this federation and requested him to take appropriate action to enhance the retirement age of IOFHS Cadre.

In turn Hon’ble Defence Minister assured for extension of coverage of FR 56(bb) in favour of IOFHS Cadre forthwith. Thereafter, in the month of August, 2016 MoD has sent a proposal to DoP&T for necessary approval / action and to expedite that the Secretary, Department of Defence Production also wrote a ‘DO Letter’ to Secretary, DoP&T to expedite the matter but the file is moving from one Ministry / Department to another.

It is worth to mention here that Min of Railways, Home Affairs, Municipality Corporation of Delhi etc. have already enhanced the superannuation age of their Doctors and meanwhile Min of Health & Family Welfare has clarified vide F.No. Z.16024/11/2016-CHS.V Dated 30.08.2016 that Departments / Ministries may take decision, with the approval of their respective competent authorities on the enhancement of the age of superannuation of doctors.

Now the time has come for Bureaucratic System to respect, accept & adopt the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s ‘3 S’ – Speed, Skill & Scale to resolve the issues of Government Employees.

Therefore, you are requested to issue necessary directives to the concerned authorities to extend the provisions of FR 56(bb) in respect of all the doctors of OFB so that the organization as well as the incumbents may also be benefitted with enhanced age of superannuation of 65 yrs with effect from 31.05.2016.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours


General Secretary

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