Enhanced 7th Pay Commission Children Education Allowance for Defence Personnel

Children Education Allowance (CEA) during Covid-19 Lockdown: Railway Board

Enhanced Children Education Allowance after implementation of 7th Pay Commission Recommendations to Defence Personnel serving in Armed Forces, Navy and Air Force


Rate of allowance as per 7th CPC:

CEA Rs. 2,250 per month per child.
(Whenever DA increases by 50%, CEA shall increase by 25%)

Simplification of Procedure for Reimbursement in 7th CPC

  • Reimbursement should be done just once a year, after completion of the financial year (which for most schools coincides with the Academic year).
  • For CEA, a certificate from the head of institution where the ward of government employee studies, should be sufficient for this purpose.
  • The certificate should confirm that the child studied in the school during the previous academic year.


  • CEA is payable up to Class XII.
  • CEA is applicable for first two surviving children.
  • CEA is admissible to more than two children if the second child birth results in multiple births.
  • For children with disabilities, reimbursement will be at double the normal rates.
  • For diploma courses of two years duration at Polytechnics, if the entry level qualification is Class 10th, CEA is allowed upto 2nd year of classes.
  • To allow reimbursement of CEA /Hostel Subsidy for the initial two years of a diploma/ certificate course from Polytechnic/ITI/Engineering College, if the child pursues the course after passing 10th standard and the Government servant has not been granted CEA/Hostel subsidy in respect of the child for studies in 11th and 12th standards.


  • For the purpose of CEA, ‘year’ means the academic year.
  • Can CEA would be admissible beyond two children due to failure of sterilization operation? : The reimbursement of CEA is admissible only for the first child born after failure of sterilization operation. Auth : GOI,Min. of P,P.G & P,DOPT letter no.21011/ 16/2009-Estt(AL) dt.17.06.2011.
  • PBOR should have rendered one year service.
  • CEA allowed for 3 children for those born upto 31.12.1987 and those born after 31.12.87, CEA is admissible for only two children.
  • CEA admissible for only two classes for child studying in – LKG/UKG/nursery.
  • Age of the child should not be below 5 years for Class-I.
  • In respect of personnel who retire, discharged, dismissed etc, the allowance is admissible upto the academic year and will be claimed through DO II to be published by the Record Office.
  • CEA is admissible during EOL without P & A
  • CEA to Defence Service Personnel posted to Ministry or Abroad please see Rule 479 of P & A Regulations (OR), as amended from time to time.


  • Ensure Claim does not overlap with already adjusted CEA/RTF/HOSSUB.
  • Beginning of the academic year in TJRA column eg. 0409 and ending in LRA column eg. 0310 to be given.
  • Valid Column 7C values are Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4 only.
  • Ensure DOII is not Time Bar Publication.
  • More than two children not admissible.
  • Date of birth appears correct in DOs-II in consonance with the date of birth mentioned in previous DOII, as incorrect DOB will be treated by system as new child and DOII will be rejected treating as more than two child.
  • Period between From date and To date and column 7C are matched.
  • To Date is not beyond the current month.
  • Date in to_date column should be end of the month.
  • Amount is not zero or amount in rate column not exceed maximum admissible amount.

Source: Handbook of 7th CPC pay and allowances for JCO and OR

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