Empanelment of 40 Private Hospitals/ Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Laboratories for ECHS

Hospital Patient Care Allowance (HPCA) for CG employees working in hospitals

Empanelment of 40 Private Hospitals/ Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Laboratories upgraded from Non-NABH to NABH for different specialties and procedures with ECHS

No. 22B(04)/2020/WE/D(Res-1)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Dept of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

New Delhi
the 02nd July, 2020



The Managing Director
Central Organisation, ECHS
Thimayya Marg
Near Gopinath Circle
Delhi Cantt —10


1. I am directed to state that in terms of the provisions of Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. 22B(04)/2010/US(WE)D(Res) dated 18 Feb 2011, 22B(02)/2013/ US(WE)D(Res) dated 18 Oct 2013, 22B(02)/2013/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 24 Feb 2015 and 22B(02)/2020/WE/D(Res-1) dated 30 Jan 2020, it has now been decided by the competent authority to upgrade status from Non-NABH to NABH/ impanel additional facilities of 40 Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Laboratories for different specialties and procedures with ECHS as recommended by the 20th Screening Committee for empanelment of Medical facilities with ECHS in its meeting held on 12 Jun 2020 under the chairmanship of MD ECHS as per the list attached in the Annexure:-

Ser City Name of Hospitals Annexure NO
1 Agra Moolchand Medicity Agra Annexure 1
2 Ahmednagar Asian Noble Hospital Pvt Ltd. Annexure 2
3 Ambala Bansal Eye Hospital Annexure 3
4 Ambala Mehndiratta Hospital Annexure 4
5 Ambala PC Sharma Eye Hospital Annexure 5
6 Amritsar Akashdeep Neuro Trauma & Multi-Super Speciality Hospital Annexuro 6
7 Amritsar Hargun Hospital Annexure 7
8 Amritsar Pulse Hospital Annexure 8
9 Amritsar Dr Parminder Singh Pannu Memorial Janta Hospital Annexure 9
10 Bahadurgarh Shivam Hospital (A unit of RR Hospital Pvt Ltd) Annexure 10
11 Bhiwani Chugh Multispeciality Hospital Annexure 11
12 Chandigarh Dr Shamer Singh Memorial Radio Diagnostic Centre Annexure 12
13 Chandigarh Land Mark Hospital ( A Unit of CT Scan Research Centre Pvtt Ltd ) Annexure 13
14 Delhi Metro Hospital and Heart Intitute Annexure 14
15 Delhi  Sharp Sight Centre Annexure 15
16 Greater Noida  Kailash Hospital Ltd Annexure 16
17 Greater Noida Sharda Hospital (Unit of Sharda Educational Trust) Annexure 17
18 Haldwani  Krishna Hospital and Research Centre, Annexure 18
19 Hoshipur Shivam Hospital Annexure 19
20 Jalandhar Ghai Hospital Annexure 20
21 Jalandhar Johal Multi Speciality Hospital Annexure 21
22 Kanpur Regency Hospital Limited Annexure 22
23 Katra Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Narayana Superspeciality Hospital Annexure 23
24 Lucknow  Ajanta Hospital & IVF Centre Pvt Ltd Annexure 24
25 Ludhiana  Deepak Hospital, Annexure 25
26 Nashik  Sant Krupa Multi Speciality & Accident Hospital, Annexure 26
27 New Delhi  Primus Super Speciality Hospital Annexure 27
28 Nodia  Felix Hospital Annexure 28
29 Nodia  Yatharth Wellness Hospital and Trauma Centre Annexure 29
30 Palakkad Sevana Hospital & Research Centre Pvt Ltd Annexure 30
31 Panipat  LHDM & Dr. Prem Hospital Pvt Ltd Annexure 31
32 Patiala  Sodhi Eye Hospital, Annexure 32
33 Pondecherry  Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences Annexure 33
34 Ranchi  Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital, Annexure 34
35 Rewari  Pushpanjali Hospital Annexure 35
36 Rohini Delhi  Mangalam Medical And Surgical Centre, Annexure 36
37. Rohini Delhi  Saroj Super Speciality Hospital Annexure 37
38. Varanashi Heritage Hospitals Limited, Annexure 38
39 Varanashi  Shubham Hospital Annexure 39
40 Vijayawada  Aayush NRI Lepl Health Care Pvt Ltd Annexure 40


2. All the terms and conditions including fixation of rates payable to empanelled hospitals will be regulated under Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 22B(04)/2010/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 18 Feb 2011 as amended from time to time.

3. The rates for ECHS Hospital/Nursing Home, Dental Centres and Diagnostic Centres as approved by the Empowered Committee will be as per CGHS rates and will be notified by the Director, Regional Centre ECHS to all concerned including Polyclinics, SEMOs, CDA/PCDA and Central Organisation ECHS.

4. Empanelment of CGHS empanelled hospitals is subject to the hospital providing proof of its being a CGHS empanelled facility as on the date of signing MoA with ECHS.

5. CGHS empanelled medical facilities will be empanelled with ECHS for the period for which the facilities hold valid MoA with CGHS. The MoA will be extendable once CGHS renew the MoA with the medical facilities.

6. NABH accredited medical facilities will be empanelled with ECHS for the period of validity of NABH certificate and the MoA will be renewed once the medical facility is issued revalidation/renewed NABH certificate.

(AK Karn)
Under Secretary to the Govt of India
Tele: 23014946

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