Application of CGHS rates for 21 treatment procedure investigations to ECHS beneficiaries

Application of CGHS rates for 21 treatment procedure investigations to ECHS beneficiaries

Application of CGHS rates for 21 treatment procedure investigations in continuation of 2014 CGHS rates, to ECHS beneficiaries

No. 22D (33)/2017/WE)/D(Res-l)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
(Deptt. Of Ex-Servicemen Welfare)
Sena Bhavan, New Delhi,

Dated: 17th/18th November, 2021


The Chief of Army Staff
The Chief of Naval Staff
The Chief of Air Staff


With reference to Govt of India, Min of Health & Family Welfare OM No S-11011/09/2019/Addl. DDG(HQ)/CGHS dated 11 Feb 2021 vide which CGHS package rates for the following 21 investigations/treatment procedures has been revised for inclusion in CGHS rates list 2014. The approval of Competent Authority is hereby accorded for making the following revised treatment/investigations/procedures applicable to ECHS beneficiaries:

S No Investigations/procedures/Implants CGHS rate for NABL/ NABH Accredited Health Care Organization (HCOs)
1 IL 6 Rs 1600/-
2 HR CT Chest Rs 2000-
3 Fluid air exchange Rs.5000/- per eye
4 C3F8 GAS Injection Rs.5000/- per eye
5 Diurnal variation of OP Rs. 1500/-
6 Silicon Oil Inj Rs.5000/- per eye
7 ERM peeling Rs.7000/- per eye
8 ERM Removal Rs.3000/- per eye
9 ILM Membrane Peeling Rs.3000/- per eye
10 Punctoplasty Rs.6500/- per eye
11 Punctal plug (Collagen/Silicon) Rs.4000/- per eye
12 Laser Trabeculoplasty Gonioplasty B/E Rs.16000/- both eye
13 Eye laser pulse therapy Rs.3500/- per eye
14 Glaucoma valve/Glaucoma Ahmed valve Rs.15000/-
15 Malyugin Ring Rs.10000/-
16 Globe exploration Rs.10000/-
17 Scleral fixation Tissue glue Rs.8400/-
18 Fibro optic Nasal Endoscopy Rs.2300/-
19 Video Stroboscopy Rs.5500/-
20 Video Bronchoscopy with BAL Rs.10000/-
21 Sleep deprived EEG Rate shall be the same CGHS rate of EEG/Video EEG


2. The rates for investigations/Treatment procedures from SI. No 1 to 21 are for NABL/NABH accredited HCOs. The rates for Non-NABL/ Non-NABH accredited HCOs shall be 15% less.

3. The revised rates mentioned above be disseminated to the ECHS Polyclinics, Empanelled, under ECHS and to the SEMOs, for application in respect of ECHS beneficiaries.

4. The rate indicated at para 1 above will be applicable from the date of issue of this letter.

5. This issues with the concurrence of MoD (Finance/Pension) vide ID Note No 32(09)/2021/Fin/Pen dated 15/11/2021.

Yours faithfully,

Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

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