PCDA Policy for Sensitive Posting

PCDA Policy for Sensitive Posting  – Note Order

1. The station-wise seniority will be considered as and when vacancy arises at particular station.
2. At least one year’s stay is essential at the station.
3. The date of occurrence of vacancy will be the date when the existing incumbent completes three years of his sensitive posting on that assignment. In case of retirement, the date of retirement will be reckoned as the date of occurrence of vacancy.. In case of permanent transfer, which happen before date of completion of three years tenure, the date of being relieved from the assignment will become the date of vacancy.
4. Seniority in respect of those who have previously served on sensitive assignments will be reckoned with effect from the date of completion of sensitive tenure served by them on previous occasion provided they have completed minimum cooling off period of three years.
5. APAR grading of minimum three ‘Very Good and above for the immediately preceding three years of relevant quarter. In case there is missing AFAR among these three years, the inidivudual ‘s name will be dropped for consideration in that quarter and considered in next one provided the missing AFAR has been received.
6. For third sensitive assignments minimum of two outstanding + one very good AFAR grading is essential.
7. Persons who have served thrice or more on sensitive assignment will not be considered for further sensitive assignment.
8. Posting to the sensitive assignment will be decided on quarterly basis one month in advance through the Placement Board.
9. The crucial date for deciding seniority I cooling off period /station seniority of one year will be first day of the quarter.
10. If a person forgoes the sensitive assignment, he/she would be debarred for the sensitive posting for five years from the date of acceptage,
11. The sensitive assignment will be given to only those persons who have at least one year (12 months) service in hand.
12. The period spent by individuas in AO (Projects) Border Road/Unit Accountant Formations are treated as sensitive assignment and period spent in Imprest Section of Pay Accounts Office will not be considered as sensitive assignment.
13. If the eligible persons are not available at the same station, then volunteers may be called for from the whole Command.
14. In case of any eventuality not covered above arising the posting and selection will be done at the discretion of PCDA (CC).
15. The period spent in DPDO office is also not considered as sensitive assignment.

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