Journey by Air entitlement for Army Officers

Entitlement of Air Journey for Army Officers

Following are the various entitlements and Government Orders related to air journey of Army officers on temporary duty (TD), permanent move (PM) and LTC. Description Rule Position Government Orders
1 Air Journey Entitement GOI, MOD No: 12630/MOV C/3737/D (Mov)/08 dated 29/12/08,

GOI MoF F.No:7(1)/E-Co-ord/2008 dated 03.06.2009,

DOPT OM No:3/011/41/2008-Estt (A) dated 03.06.2009

GOI MOD No: 32013/MoV C/1980/D(Mov) 2010 dated 17.08.2010

DOPT OM No: 11013/7/2008-Estt (A) dated 09.08.2010

Ministry of Finance, Dept of Expenditure F.No: 19024/1/2009-E-IV dated 04.03.2011

(a) Up to Brigadier Economy Class Economy Class
Major General and above Business Class Economy Class
(b) For all Ranks Jouney on tickets of chepest fare of entitled class Entitlement restricted to LTC-80 fare. Jouney admissible on chepest economy ticket fare lower than LTC-80 also
2 LTC to visit NE region in lieu of Home town LTC under Rule 177.

NE Regions: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura

1. Travel by Indian Airlines on Cheapest economy fare ticket only irrespective of Officers entitlement GOI MOD letter No.F 12647/LTC/NER/MOV-C/1603/D(Mov) 2008 dated 12.06.08

Source: Principal Controller of Defence Accounts, Pune

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