Facility of Salary Accounts under Defence Salary Package to Defence Civilian Employees

Facility of Salary Accounts under Defence Salary Package to Defence Civilian Employees – Ministry of Defence reply to BPMS

Ministry of Defence has replied to BPMS regarding  Extension of facility  of Salary   Accounts   under  Defence  Salary Package  to  the   Defence   industrial/Non-industrial Civilian employees

Government of India
Ministry  of Defence

Subject   :      Extension    of facility  of Salary   Accounts   under  Defence  Salary Package  to  the   Defence   industrial/Non-industrial        Civilian employees    –  Representation    of Bharatiya   Pratiraksha    Mazdoor Sangh  (BPMS)

BPMS   vide    their   letter    ref.   no. BPMS/MoD/186(8/1    R)  dated  9th   May 2015 (copy enclosed)   addressed to Defence Secretary has informed that the Heads of  Department/  Heads of Offices  of the  Defence  installations  under Army,  Air Force,  Navy,  DDP,  DRDO,  etc have got the salary  account opened in  the nationalized  banks (including SBI)  for direct credit  of salary/allowances payable   to  the  industrial    &  non-industrial   civilian    employees    under  their control.

2.         BPMS     has     pointed     out    that     SBI     provide     some  special privileges/facilities  (copy enclosed)  to such salary  account  holders  who are drawing  Defence  Salary   Package  (DSP).  However,  such  privileges/facilities are not being  given   to the civilian employees  of these  defence  installations. The  Federation  has requested  to take steps so that  industrial/non-industrial civilian employees are also  provided  similar privileges/facilities  while operating their Salary  Account with the public  Sector banks.

3.         In  this context,  it is informed  that the PAO/Accounts  Offices  attached with  various   Ministries/Departments/   Organisations   of  the  Government   of India   have made arrangement  with the nearby banks where the  salary and allowances payable  to the employees  working in the concerned  organisation, is credited each month.    As per practice,  these banks are normally  providing most of the facilities/privileges  to such salary account holders,  as are listed  by the Federation.    From the letter of BPMS, it seems that employees  of some organisations/establishments  are not being  extended  similar  facilities  to the salary  account holders  by the disbursement bankers.

4.        It is requested  that  all the PAO/Accounts  Offices  may  be advised to pursue this issue with their Disbursement banker and persuade them to open the salary of all  the Central Govt. employees of the cone.  Organisation  under the  Central      Govt    Salary     Package    and    extend    to    them    similar privileges/facilities,  as are given under DSP.

(Gurdeep Singh)
Under Secretary (Civ)




Salary Accounts under Defence Salary Package offers many concessions in service charges for serving as well as retired Defence personnel of Army/ Navy/ Air Force/Indian Coast Guard/ Assam Rifles, as well as Rashtriya Rifles (RR) and GREF [Border Road Organization (BRO)] having their Salary/Pension accounts with SBI.

Available in four variants, namely Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum categorized on the rank of the personnel of Army, Navy ,Air Force, Assam Rifles, RR and GREF (Border Road Organization). PBORs are categorized in Silver Variant, Officers are categorized under Gold, Diamond and Platinum Variants.

Features of DSP

  • Convenience of Anywhere Banking at·   The largest network of more than 16,000 Core Banking Branches Extensive alternative channels.·   53,000 plus ATMs of State Bank Group

    ·   Free Internet Banking, Mobile Banking

  • Complete gamut of Banking Services including:-·   Unique Lifetime Account Number;·   Zero Balance Account facility with no penal charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance;

    ·   Auto sweep (in & out) facility (on request)-Surplus amount in Savings bank account beyond threshold balance is transferred automatically into Term Deposits (multi option deposits) in multiple of Rs.1000/- and vice versa

    ·   Free Personal Accident Insurance (Death) Cover to Primary Salary Package Account*

    ·   Free personalized Multi City Cheques

    ·   Free Drafts*/RTGS*/NEFT*

    ·   Free Core Power: Anywhere banking facility with the widest network of more than 16,000 branches. Free updating of pass-books at any branch

    ·   Easy overdraft up to 2 months’ salary repayable within 6 months*

    ·   SMS Alerts

    ·   Free Debit Cards

    ·   Domestic cards for Silver Accounts, Gold Debit cards for Gold and Diamond Accounts and Platinum Debit Card for Platinum Accounts.

    ·   Maximum daily withdrawal of Rs. 40,000 on Domestic Cards, Rs. 50,000 on Gold Cards and Rs. 1,00,000 on Platinum Cards.

    ·   Various Personal loans like Home loan/ Auto loan/ Xpress Credit loan, etc. at attractive terms

    ·   Demat facility, 3-in 1 Trading Account available

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    * Conditions apply

Download Ministry of Defence letter issued to BPMS

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