CSD Canteen facilities to retired Defence Civilians – Clarification

Defence Accounts department clarifies various aspects of recent Extension of CSD Canteen Facilities to retired Defence Civilians





No. AN/VII/7063/CSD/Misc

Dated: 20.10.2015

All PCsDA/PCA(Fys) Kolkata, CsDA

(Through CGDA website)

Subject: Extension of CSD Canteen Facilities to retired Defence Civilians

Reference: This office letter of even No. dated 21.08.2015.

In continuation of the above, the following clarification on some of the common points raised in various representations received in this office is as under:



Common Points raised in the representations Clarification
a) Whether the retired employees of the Defence Accounts facility as the orders from the DDGCS does not explicitly say so. Yes. The retried employees of the Defence Accounts Department are eligible for the C.S. D Canteen facility
b) Whether the DAD Pensioners can get the application forms authenticated only from the office from which they have retired. The authentication of the application forms may be carried out by the nearest Controller, under the jurisdiction, the pensioner is currently residing or the application is made. Also, the nominated Officers are directed to authenticate/countersign the application forms of any DAD pensioner, if the application is submitted to him/her.

The authentication is to be carried out, based on submission of the documents as required by the Canteen authorities.



What is termed as ‘Govt Order for Retirement? The Part II. Office Order issued by the Controllers in respect of the retiring employee will suffice the requirement.



The said order does not speak about the eligibility of the Family Pensioners.

Whether the same are eligible for the C.S.D Canteen Facilities?

The extension of CSD Canteen Facilities to the Family Pensioners is implied as the QMG branch letter dated 12.08.2015 does not make any distinction between the Retired Defence Civilian Employees and Family Pensioners. The term DAD Pensioners includes within its ambit the Family Pensioners also, as they are drawing pension authorized by PCDA(P) Allahabad.


(Mustaq Ahmad)


Download Defence Accounts letter No.AN/VII/7063/CSD/Misc dated 20.10.2015

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