CGDA – SAS Part-I Examination (NEW SYLLABUS)

CGDA – SAS Part-I Examination (NEW SYLLABUS) scheduled to be held in APRIL, 2013.



Office of the CGDA,

Ulan Batar Road ,Palam,

Delhi Cantt — 110 010

Dated 19th Oct, 2012


All PCsDA, including Principal [FA

All Controllers of Defence Accounts. including IFAs

The Principal Controller of Accounts (Fys) Kolkata

All Controllers of Finance and Accounts (Fys)

Including Chief Internal Auditors.

Subject: SAS Part-I Examination (NEW SYLLABUS) scheduled to be held in APRIL, 2013.

Reference: In continuation of this HQrs. Office Circular No.AN/SAS/16102/ SAS-II/ NS/ APR/ 2008 dated 07 November, 2007.

The PCsDA/PIFAs/PC of A (Fyrs)/CsDA/IFAs/CFA(Fys)iChief Internal Auditor are aware that for the benefit of intending candidates tentative dates for next round of SAS Examinations in New Syllabus was notified in advance vide Hqrs. Office Most Important Circular No.AN/SAS/16100/SAS Exams/2012-13 dated 16th February, 2012.  Accordingly it has now been decided to hold SAS Part-I Examination in the NEW SYLLABUS as per final programme below:-





WEDNESDAY 10.04.2013 Paper-III 10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM ACCOUNTANCY




Note: No Examination on 11.04.2013 (THURSDAY)

2.         The case of each intending candidate (including those who are on deputation) shall be carefully screened by a Board of Officers comprising Principal Controller/ Controller/ Addl. CDA/Jt. CDA, another IDAS Officer and one Senior Accounts Officer/ Accounts Officer. The candidature shall be recommended on the basis of the following criteria:-

(a)        Those who qualified Preliminary Examination held on 21.8.2012.

(b)        those who could not qualify SAS Pad-1 Exam held in April, 2009 (having appeared in all Papers in April 2009 ) but qualified Preliminary Examination held in Sept 2008.

(c)        those candidates who passed Preliminary Examination in Sept,2008 and failed in SAS Part-I examination held in Apri1,2009 (having appeared in all Papers but scored exemption marks in one or more Papers' (Paper-I or II or III or IV) shall not require to appear in such paper.

(d)       those candidates who passed Preliminary Examination in June 2007 and failed in subsequent SAS part 1 Examinations held in Nov, 2007 and April 2009 provided the candidate has appeared in all Papers in SAS Part I Examination, Nov 2007 which was immediate SAS part-I examination in terms of Rule 4 of SAS Rule.  Further candidates scoring exemption marks in one or more Papers (Paper-I or II or III or IV) shall not require to appear in such paper.

3.         Names of intending candidates who fulfill the prescribed criteria and are recommended by the Board of Officers and accepted by PCDA/CDA concerned may please be sent (both hard copy as well as CD/floppy in MS Excel) in the enclosed proforma to CGDA's office on the address and within the scheduled date as mentioned at Para 7 below.

4.         The following instructions may please be observed while completing the above proforma.

(a)        Candidates shall have to choose any one as optional Sub-Section from (A) Army, (B) Air Force, (C) Navy and (D) Factory as per Rule 5(vi) Paper-IV Sub-rule(c) subject to according permission by CGDA.

(b)        Requests for change of centre shall not be entertained after notification of approved list of candidates as mentioned in Rule 24. However, in case where due to exceptional circumstances, a candidate desires to take the examination at a centre other than the one nearest to the candidate's duty point, an application by the candidate containing specific recommendations of the Principal Controller/ Controller shall be sent to I-1Qrs1 Office for consideration.  Under no circumstances, the candidate shall be permitted to sit in the examination as per his/her choice without prior approval of HQr. Office.

(c)        The examination shall be conducted at Agra, Allahabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Dehtradun. Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jammu, Jalandhar, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Kannur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Meerut, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nasik, New Delhi, Patna, Pune 'A'(O), Pune 'B'(SC) , Port Blair, Pathankot, Roorkee, Shillong, Siliguri, Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam and Wellington provided sufficient candidates are appearing therefrom. The centers are subject to change depending on administrative convenience.  The candidates should be advised to give firm indication of the Centre (with due regard to the prescribed criteria) in the very first instance. The instructions contained in this Office Memo No 33012(5)N/1/AN-K dated 30.10.71 in regard to freezing of transfer of candidates after notification of their Roll Number may also be adhered to as far as possible,

(d)       Syllabus and the list of books prescribed in respect of each paper (i.e. paper I,II,III & IV ) are enclosed as Annexure "A" to this circular.

5.         The candidates shall be allowed option in all the papers to answer the questions either in English or in Hindi. All the question papers will be primed bilingually. The option is however, for the complete paper only and not part thereof. Therefore, a candidate can opt to answer all questions of a full paper or all papers either in Hindi or English. In other words, optional use of Hindi or English question-wise will not be permitted and such answer books will not be evaluated. This aspect may be brought to the notice of the candidates. If a particular candidate has opted to answer only one or all the four Papers completely in Hindi, the fact may be shown in the proforma in the column provided for the purpose. A `Nil' report may also please be sent in case no candidate has opted for Hindi.

6.         En pursuance of the instructions contained in Govt. of India, Cabinet Secretariat, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms OM No.F.36021/10/76-Estt. (SCT) dated 21.1.77 regarding relaxation of standards in the case of Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe candidates in qualifying examination, it has been decided by CGDA to lower/relax the qualifying standards for SC/ST candidates appearing in this Examination upto a maximum extent of 5% in inpidual paper/aggregate. This may be brought to the notice of all the SC/ST candidates. Names of candidates who belong to reserved community may please be furnished to this office while sponsoring their names itself, as per instructions contained in this office Circular No. 0611/AN/K/(Orders) dated 12.9.77. The list of SC/ST candidates may please be prepared independently after verifying the service-books of all the candidates and not on the basis of information furnished by the candidates concerned. It may also be certified as "The list furnished to HQrs office has been prepared with reference to the information recorded in the service-book of the candidates concerned". Candidates may also be asked to declare whether they belong to the reserved or the unreserved community and such declaration may be kept on record, A specimen of the declaration is enclosed.

7.         The list of candidates may be prepared centre-wise strictly according to the proforma enclosed and dispatched by name to Shri J.K.Tharmatt, IDAS, Assistant CGDA(AN) latest by 7th December, 2012. It has been observed that in past some of the Pr. Controllers/ Controllers are not adhering to the date fixed for submission of the list of candidates and HQrs office has received requests for allotment of Roll Nos to the candidates even after dispatch of Examination materials which resulted in lot of inconvenience at all levels. It may be noted that no request for allotment of Roll Nos to candidates received after the cut off date will be entertained except due to unavoidable administrative reasons and responsibility of the same will devolve on respective office. All efforts should, therefore be made to adhere to this date to enable us to hold the examination as per the time schedule. The name of the candidates who are finally selected by this HQrs. Office to appear in theexamination and the Roll Numbers assigned to them, shall be intimated to the Principal Controllers/Controllers, as soon as possible after receipt of the proforma.

8.         Since SAS Part-1 Examination in new syllabus is being held after a considerable long period, all prospective candidates should be advised that it is in their own interest to start preparation for the examination without waiting for the intimation about acceptance of their candidature. It is likely that candidates are not making full use of training classes where these are held under the scheme contained in our No,AN/0611/AN/K, dated 17/7/58 (as amended). The Principal Controllers/Controllers are requested to take steps to see that the candidates take adequate interest in the training classes and attend the same regularly.

9.         Absenteeism not only results in all round increase in work but also wasteful expenditure in making administrative arrangements for holding the examination. Principal Controllers/Controllers are requested to get in writing from the intending candidates that they will not apply for withdrawal of their candidature from the above examination on the plea of sickness of family, domestic affairs or non-availability of books etc. It may be impressed upon the candidates that it is in their own interest to take the examination seriously. Absent from this examination may result in to re-qualify the preliminary examination in terms of SAS Rules 6 besides forfeiting this precious chance.

10.       Detailed rules governing SAS Examinations together with detailed new syllabus, recommended books etc. have already been notified and circulated to all our Principal Controllers/Controllers/IFAs/CIAs vide this office Most Important Circular No.AN/SAS/16200/Order/Vol.X dated 12.3.2007.  Rules referred to in the preceding paras are The Rules governing the examination for admission to the Subordinate Accounts Service SAS) in Defence Accounts Department which have been circulated as Annexure 'A' to our ibid Most Important Circular.

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