CGDA – Establishment of Service Centers of Comprehensive Pension Package System

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CGDA – Establishment of Service Centers of Comprehensive Pension Package System – Revised list of 166 proposed DAD Service Centers for Comprehensive Pension Package is forwarded

Office of the Controller General of Defence Accounts,
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt – 110010

No. 5702/AT-P/CPP/Service Centre/Vol-I

Dated: 22nd August, 2019



Sub: Establishment of Service Centers of ‘Comprehensive Pension Package’ System.
Ref: (i) HQrs (IT) office letter No. EDP/I 77/CPDS/201 5-16 dated 17.07.2015,

(ii) HQrs (Pension wing) letter No 5702/AT-P/CPP/Vol-II dated 31.03.2017 and No. 5702/AT-P/CPP/Vol-IV dated 15.2.2018 .


Please refer to HQrs CODA letter No . 5194/AT-P/E-Project/CPDA dated 26.5.2015 vide which 149 Service Centre for Centralized Pension Disbursement had been notified.

2. It is intimated that positioning of Service Centres has been reviewed in order to give coverage to maximum stations by DAD offices. A revised list of 166 proposed DAD Service Centers for Comprehensive Pension Package is forwarded herewith. The Service Centers notified vide above cited letter dated 26.5.2015 stand modified accordingly.

3. All Controller offices under whose jurisdiction these identified offices fall are requested to scrutinize the list with reference to locations, resources available and ease of access to these Centers. Any suggestion with regard to addition/deletion of Service Centre may be intimated to this HQrs office.

4. It is requested to ensure that all pre-requisites to enable access for old age pensioners and necessary infrastructure viz. PC with internet connectivity and other computer hardware i.e. scanner, printer, fingerprint & Iris scanner are available with all the earmarked offices. It is also requested to identify the officers and staff who will perform duties in these Centres keeping in view the posted-strength, concentration of Defence pensioners in the region and likely workload. The details of identified officers and staff with head of the office, along with contact number, may be provided to this HQrs office for further notification.

5. Master trainers may also be identified from any of these selected officers. They will be trained on using the software and will in turn impart training to others. It is requested to share details of master trainer(s) of your organization by 30 Sept., 2019. for training at DPTI, Allahabad.

6. Availability of necessary resources and infrastructure requirement may be completed by end of Nov. 2019. Any further requirements in this regard, may be taken up with respective Admin. & IT&S Wing of this HQrs CGDA office, under intimation to HQrs Pension Wing . While projecting the IT infra requirement the sanction accorded earlier by HQrs IT &S Wing may also be taken into account.

(Kanwaldeep Singh)
Sr. Jt. CGDA (Admin)

List of proposed DAD offices for Service Centre of CPP
S.No. STATE District Zila Sanik
Board office
exists at
the Dist.
Number of ESM Station DAD OFFICE Organisation
1 Andaman & Nicobar South Andamans yes 719 Port Blair AAO(ANC) & IFA (ANC) CDA(IDS) N.Delhi
2 Andhra  Pradesh Guntur yes 11314 Surya lanka AO GE (I) (AF) CDA Secunderabad
3 Andhra  Pradesh Visakapatnam yes 14059 Visakapatnam DPDO CDA Chennai
4 Assam Cachar yes 6365 Silchar LAO (A) Silchar CDA Guwahati
5 Assam Dibrugarh yes 1940 Chabua AO GE (AF)  Chabua CDA Guwahati
6 Assam Jorhat yes 3650 Jorhat LAO (A) Jorhat CDA Guwahati
7 Assam KAMRUP yes 2481 Rangiya AO AGE (I) Rangiya CDA Guwahati
8 Assam Kamrup Metropolitan yes 3246 Guwahati Main Office CDA Guwahati
9 Assam SONITPUR yes 2364 Tezpur LAO (A) Tezpur CDA Guwahati
10 Bihar Gaya yes 7476 Gaya AO GE (P) OTA CDA Patna
11 Bihar Patna yes 12779 Patna Main Office CDA Patna
12 Delhi CENTRAL DELHI yes 68343 Delhi DPDO II REDFORT CDA(PD) Meerut
14 Delhi NEW DELHI yes Delhi DPDO (BRAR SQUARE) CDA(PD) Meerut
15 Goa North Goa yes 2465 Panaji LAO PCDA Bangalore
16 Gujarat Ahmedabad yes 5826 Ahmedabad AAO(SC) PCDA(SC) Pune
17 Gujarat Gandhinagar NA 1023 Gandhinagar IFA HQ SWAC (AF) PCDA(SC) Pune
18 Gujarat Jamnagar yes 1881 Jamnagar LAO (ARMY) PCDA(SC) Pune
19 Gujarat Kachchh yes 1145 Bhuj LAO (ARMY) PCDA(SC) Pune
20 Gujarat Vadodara yes 4597 Vadodara AO GE(A) PCDA(SC) Pune
21 Haryana Ambala yes 19555 Ambala DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
22 Haryana Bhiwani yes 45475 Bhiwani DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
23 Haryana Gurgaon yes 37310 Gurgaon DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
24 Haryana Hissar yes 17224 Hissar DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
25 Haryana Jhajjar yes 47703 Jhajjar DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
26 Haryana Kamal yes 8564 Kamal DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
27 Haryana Mahendragarh NA NA Namaul DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
28 Haryana Rewari yes 32850 Rewari DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
29 Haryana Rohtak yes 24341 Rohtak DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
30 Haryana Sirsa yes 7641 Sirsa AO GE(AF) PCDA(SWC) Jaipur
31 Haryana Sonipat yes 24296 Sonipat DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
32 Himanchal Pradesh Chamba yes 3965 Dalhousie AO AGE (I) PCDA(WC)
33 Himanchal Pradesh Hamirpur yes 26956 Hamirpur DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
34 Himanchal Pradesh Kangra yes 59692 Dharamsala DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
35 Himanchal Pradesh Kangra yes Palampur DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
36 Himanchal Pradesh Kangra yes Yol DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
37 Himanchal Pradesh Kullu yes 1448 ManaIi AO AGE (I) R&D PCDA(WC)
38 Himanchal Pradesh Mandi yes 16474 Mandi DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
39 Himanch”al  Pradesh Shimla yes 3987 Shimla DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
40 Himanchal Pradesh Solan yes 3877 Subathu PAO (ORS) 14 GTC PCDA(WC)
41 Himanchal Pradesh Una yes 14243 Una DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
42 Jammu & Kashmir Anantnag NA 1585 Verinag AO 760 BRTF PCDA(BR) N.Delhi
43 Jammu & Kashmir Baramulla yes 4182 Baramulla AO GE 969 EWS PCDA(NC) Jammu
44 Jammu & Kashmir Doda yes 1678 Bhaderwah AO GE 873 EWS PCDA(NC) Jammu
45 Jammu & Kashmir Jammu yes 43046 Jammu DPDO A/R CDA(PD) Meerut
46 Jammu & Kashmir Jammu yes Jammu DPDO S/N CDA(PD) Meerut
47 Jammu & Kashmir Kathua yes 9382 BasoIi AO GE PCDA(WC)
48 Jammu & Kashmir Leh yes 4381 Leh DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
49 Jammu & Kashmir Poonch yes 3264 Poonch AO GE 881 EWS PCDA(NC) Jammu
50 Jammu & Kashmir Rajouri yes 8022 Rajouri DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
51 Jammu & Kashmir Srinagar yes 760 Srinagar DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
52 Jammu & Kashmir Udhampur yes 6706 Udhampur DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
53 Jharkhand Ranchi yes 9962 Ranchi LAO (A) CDA Patna
54 Karnataka Bangalore yes 43271 Bangalore DPDO CDA Chennai
55 Karnataka Belgaum NA 22791 Belgaum PAO(ORS)MLI PCDA Bangalore
56 Karnataka Mysore  yes 4369 Mysore AO(R&D) DFRL CDA(R&D)  Bangalore
57 Kerala Ernakulam yes 17492 Cochin JCDA, AAO(N) PCDA(Navy) Mumbai
58 Kerala Ernakulam yes Ernakulam DPDO CDA Chennai
59 Kerala Kannur yes Cannanore DPDO CDA Chennai
60 Kerala kannur yes 20040 Ezhimala AO GE (P) CDA Chennai
61 Kerala Kollam yes 21408 Quilon or Kollam DPDO CDA Chennai
62 Kerala Kottayam yes 13092 Kottayam DPDO CDA Chennai
63 Kerala Pathanamthitta yes 24802 Pathanamthitta DPDO CDA Chennai
64 Kerala Trissur yes 17257 Trichur or Trissur DPDO CDA Chennai
65 Kerala Trivandrum yes 34117 Trivandrum DPDO CDA Chennai
66 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal yes 7854 Bhopal LAO CDA Jaba lpur
67 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior yes 6620 Gwalior LAO A CDA Jabalpur
68 Madhya Pradesh Hoshangabad yes 710 Pachmarhi PAO (ORs) AEC CDA Jabalpur
69 Madhya Pradesh Indore yes 4157 Mhow LAO A CDA Jabalpur
70 Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur yes 5292 Jabalpur CDA Main Office CDA Jabalpur
71 Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur yes Jabalpur PAO (ORs) SIGNALS CDA Jabalpu r
72 Madhya Pradesh Sagar yes 1213 Saugar PAO (ORs) MRC CDA Jabalpur
73 Maharastra Ahmednagar yes 10327 Ahmednagar PAO (ORS) MIR PCDA(SC) Pune
74 Maharastra Amravati yes 4842 Am ia AAO GE (AF) PCDA(SC) Pune
75 Maharastra Aurangabad yes 5253 Aurangaba d ALAO (ARMY) PCDA(SC) Pune
76 Maharastra Ja lgaon yes 3794 Bhusawal A.O. Ord. Fy. PCA(Fys) Kolkata
77 Maharastra Mumbai yes 20107 Mumbai Main Office PCDA( Navy) Mumbai
78 Maharastra Nagpur yes 7187 Nagpur JCDA (AF) PCDA(AF) D.Dun
79 Maharastra Nasik yes 8231 Nasik PAO(ORS) Artillary PCDA(SC) Pune
80 Maharastra Pune yes 36487 Kirkee A.O. H.E.Fy. PCA(Fys) Kolkata
81 Maharastra Pune yes Pune AAO SC DEHU ROAD PCDA(SC) Pune
82 Maharastra Pune yes Pune Main Office PCDA(O) Pune
83 Maharastra Ratnagiri yes 7622 Ratnagiri AOGE(l)(P) PCDA {SC) Pune
84 Maharastra Thane yes 11752 Ambarnath A.O. Ord. Fy. PCA(Fys) Kolkata
85 Maharastra Wardha yes 1570 Pulgaon LAO CAD PCDA(SC) Pune
86 Manipur Imphal east and west yes NA Imphal AO 25 BRTF PCDA(BR) N.Delhi
87 Meghalaya East Khasi Hills yes 2563 Shillong AAO  Shillong CDA Guwahati
88 Mizoram A izwa l yes 6728 Aizwa l AO(P) PUSHPAK PCDA(BR) N.Delhi
89 Nagaland Kohima yes 535 Kohima AO 15 BRTF PCDA(BR) N.Delhi
90 Odisha Balasore yes 2707 Balasore JCDA(R&D) PCDA(R&D) N.Delhi
91 Odisha Ganjam yes 6726 Gopalpur PAO(Ors) AAD Gopalpure CDA Patna
92 Odisha Khordha yes NA Bhubaneshwar LAO (A) CDA Patna
93 Odisha Koraput yes 361 Koraput AO DAD HAL PCDA Bangalore
94 Punjab Amritsar yes 34948 Amr itsar DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
95 Punjab Bhatinda yes 10119 Bhatinda DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
96 Punjab Chandigarh yes 12382 Chandigarh DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
97 Punjab Faridkot yes 4117 Faridkot AOGE PCDA(SWC) Jaipur
98 Punjab Firozpore yes 7112 Firozpore DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
99 Punjab Gurdaspur yes 39521 Batala DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
100 Punjab Gurdaspur yes Gurdaspur DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
101 Punjab Hoshiarpur yes 51144 Dasuya DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
102 Punjab Hoshiarpur yes HOSHIARPUR DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
103 Punjab Jallandh ar yes 25700 Ja llandhar DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
104 Punjab Kapurthala yes 14048 Kapurthala DPDO CDA{PD) Meerut
105 Punjab Ludhiana yes 32200 Jagraon DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
106 Punjab Ludhiana yes Ludhiana DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
107 Punjab Moga yes 12118 Moga DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
108 Punjab Pathankot yes 23756 Pathankot DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
109 Punjab Patiala yes 10497 Patia la DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
110 Punjab Ropar yes 10944 Ropar DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
111 Punjab Sangrur yes 13054 Sangrur DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
112 Rajasthan A lwar yes 10553 Alwar LAO (A) PCDA(SWC) Jaipur
113 Rajasthan Barmer yes 2079 Barmer AO GE (AF) PCDA(SC) Pune
114 Rajasthan Bharatpur yes 8927 Bharatpur AO GE{I) PCDA(SWC) Jaipur
115 Rajasthan Bikaner yes 4607 Bikaner LAO {A) PCDA(SWC) Jaipur
116 Rajasthan Hanumangarh NA 2617 Hanumangarh 49 BRTF PCDA(BR) N.Delhi
117 Rajasthan Jaipur yes 12472 Jaipur DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
118 Raja sthan Jaisalmer yes 2243 Jaisalmer AO GE (A) PCDA(SC) Pune
119 Rajasthan Jhunjhunu yes 22254 Jhunjhunu DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
120 Rajasthan Jodhpur yes 13460 Jodhpur AAO(SC) PCDA(SC) Pune
121 Rajasthan Kota yes 3107 Kota LAO (A) PCDA(SWC) Jaipur
122 Rajastha n Sriganganagar yes 1282 Sriganganaga r LAO (A) PCDA(SWC) Jaipur
123 Rajasthan Udaipur yes 2365 Udaipur ALAO (ARMY) PCDA(SC) Pune
124 Sikkim East Sikkim yes 975 Gangtok AO 758BRTF PCDA(BR) N.Delhi
125 Tamilnadu Chennai yes 14602 Chennai DPDO CDA Chennai
126 Ta milnadu Coimbatore yes 6387 Coimbatore LAO (AF) PCDA(AF) D.Dun
127 Tamilnadu Kanchipuram yes 8457 Tambaram LAO (AF) PCDA(AF) D.Dun
128 Tamilnadu Nilgiris yes 3042 Aruvankadu A.O. Cord. Fy. PCA(Fys) Kolkata
129 Tamilnadu Nilgiris yes Wellington PAO(ORS)MRC CDA Chennai
130 Tamilnadu Tiruchirapalli yes 8911 Tiruchirapalli A.O. Ord. Fy. PCA(Fys) Kolkata
131 Ta milnadu Tirunelveli yes 6946 Tirunelveli AAO GE CDA Chennai
132 Tamilnadu Tiruvallur yes 7694 Avadi A.O. (H.V. Fy.) PCA(Fys) Kolkata
133 Tamilnadu Ve Ilore yes 29481 Arakonam AAO GE(M) NAS CDA Chenna i
134 Tamilnadu Ve Ilore yes Vellore DPDO CDA Chennai
135 Telangana Hyderabad yes 12266 Hyderabad DPDO CDA Chennai
136 Telangana Hyderabad yes Secunderabad DPDO CDA Chennai
137 Telangana Medak yes 1224 Medak A .O. O.F.P PCA(Fys) Kolkata
138 Uttar Pradesh Agra yes 13657 Agra AAO(Army) CDA(Army) Meerut
139 Uttar Pradesh Allahabad yes 8223 Allahabad DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
140 Uttar Pradesh Bareilly yes 9058 Bareilly PAO (Ors) JRC CDA(Army) Meerut
141 uttar pradesh Faizabad yes 5958 Faizabad PAO(ORS)DRC PCDA(CC)  Lucknow
142 uttar pradesh Farrukhabad yes NA Fatehgarh PAO(ORS) RRC PCDA(CC)  Lucknow
143 Uttar Pradesh Fatehpur yes 6031 Korwa A.O. Ord. Fy. PCA(Fys) Kolkata
144 uttar pradesh Firozabad yes 6098 Hazratpur A.0.(0.E.Fy) PCA(Fys) Kolkata
145 uttar pradesh Ghaziabad yes 17683 Muradnagar A.O. Ord. Fy. PCA(Fys) Kolkata
146 uttar pradesh Gorakhpur yes 6969 Gorakhpur DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
147 uttar pradesh Jhansi yes 2539 Jhansi LAO(A) PCDA(CC) Lucknow
148 uttar pradesh Kanpur yes 17149 Kanpur DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
149 Uttar Pradesh Lucknow yes 24708 Lucknow Main Office PCDA(CC) Lucknow
150 Uttar Pradesh Mathura NA 8854 Mathura LAO{A)+ IFA(HQ) I corps. CDA{Army) Meerut
151 Uttar Pradesh Meerut NA 12563 Meerut DPDO CDA{PD) Meerut
152 Uttar Pradesh Shajahanpur NA 3102 Shajahanpur A.O. O.C.Fy. PCA(Fys) Kolkata
153 Uttar Pradesh Varanasi yes 6105 Varanasi PAO(ORS)  39GTC PCDA{CC) Lucknow
154 Uttarakhand Chamoli yes 14559 Joshimath AO GE 871 EWS CDA(Army) Meerut
155 Uttarakhand Champavat yes 4543 Champavat AO STF Hirak PCDA(BR) N.Delhi
156 Uttarakhand Dehradun yes 27211 Dehradun DPDO CDA(PD) Meerut
157 Uttarakhand Haridwar yes 5110 Roorkee PAO {ORs) BEG&C CDA(Army) Meerut
158 Uttarakhand Pauri Garhwal yes 9489 Lansdowne PAO {ORs) GRRC CDA{Army) Meerut
159 Uttarakhand Pithoragarh yes 24185 Pithoragarh AO GE CDA{Army) Meerut
160 Uttarakhand Ranikhet NA NA Ranikhet PAO {ORs) KRC CDA(Army) Meerut
161 West Bengal Birbhum NA 2166 Brichganj AO GE{I) Brichgung CDA(IDS) N.Delhi
162 West Bengal Darjeeling yes 16286 Siliguri Area Accounts Office CDA Patna
163 West Bengal Jalpaiguri yes 3547 Binaguri AO GE{P) CDA Patna
164 West Bengal Kolkata yes 6674 Kolkata DPDO CDA{PD) Meerut
165 West Bengal North 24 Parganas yes 23863 Dumdum A.O. Ord. Fy. PCA(Fys) Kolkata
166 West Bengal Paschim Bardhaman yes 6704 Panagarh LAO (A) CDA Patna


Source: CGDA