Armed Forces news – Non implementation of 7CPC hurting morale of armed forces, says Veteran

Armed Forces news – Non implementation of 7CPC hurting morale of armed forces, says Veteran.

Almost a year after recommendations made under the 7th Pay Commission was implemented by the Union Government for civilian central government employees, a large number of Armed Forces officials are upset with the government. Some union members have already suggested that the “demand’s on separate pay commission made by armed forces are genuine”. According to Brigadier Gurmeet Kanwal (retd) who was quoted by The North Lines, the non-implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, almost a year after it was implemented for the civilian employees has started hurting the morale of a large number of armed forces officials.

In the article “Mr Modi Please Heed Loss of Morale In Armed Forces“, Brigadier Kanwal argues that a salient trend has already started emerging that future wars will be increasingly fought by machines but he further says that “ultimately it is the man behind the gun who carries the day”.

Brigadier Kanwal further warns the government that immediate action is required to restore the morale by identifying the causes and adopting all possible measures to eliminate them.

In last few months soldiers across the country had started asking their commanding officers why they are not being given their new pay scales when their relatives, friends and acquaintances working for the central government have got the pay hike.

However, a committee was earlier appointed to look into the issues raised by the armed forces but it is not known whether the committee had submitted its final report. The Brigadier further argues that inspite of 29 per cent of total central government employees are of armed forces there is no single member, serving or retired, from the armed forces on this committee.

Some of the major disparities pointed out by Brigadier Kanwal includes, Non-functional upgradation (NFU), which has already being given to civilian employees, should also be given to the Services as well; the Defence Pay Matrix (DPM) should be brought in sync with the Civilian Pay Matrix (CPM); and the Military Service Pay (MSP) given to the rank of Brigadier earlier must also be given to Major Generals.

Further Brigadier Kanwal raises some questions on hardship allowance and compared it with civilian employees. According to the reports, Superintendent of Police posted in Ladakh or Shillong will receive Rs 54,000 as Special Duty allowance and Army officer posted in Ladakh get Rs 13,900. Also, Army officials in Ladakh are not entitled to any allowance at all.

On the other side, while a soldier retiring with 100 per cent disability will receive an additional monthly pension of Rs 12,000, whereas a civilian official with a similar disability gets Rs 27,690.

Meanwhile, Shiv Gopal Mishra convenor of National Joint Council of Action also believes that the demand of Separate Pay Commission by armed forces is genuine. “Their demand is genuine, their dissent is genuine and their agitation is also genuine,” Shiv Gopal Mishra said

Since last couple of years, the armed forces have been demanding a separate pay commission and had also approached Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar for the same. Around 12 lakh armed forces officials have been eagerly waiting for the pay hike under 7th Pay Commission.