7th Pay Commission Travel Entitlement within the country

Field Allowance and Transport Allowance during absence period due to Covid-19 lockdown

7th Pay Commission Travel Entitlement within the country – 7th CPC Military Brochure – Military Brochure

7th Pay Commission Travel Entitlement within the country – TA/DA Entitlements

Travel Entitlement Within the Country.
(a) The entitlements are as under:-


Travel Entitlement
14 and above Business/Club  class  by  air  OR AC-I by train
12, 12A, 12B, 13,
13A, 13B
Economy class by air OR AC-I by train
5A to 11 Economy class by air OR AC-II
by train
5 and below First  Class/AC-III/AC  Chair  Car
by train

(b) It has also been decided to allow the Government officials to travel by Premium Trains/Premium Tatkal Trains/Suvidha Trains, the reimbursement to Premium Tatkal Charges for booking of tickets and the reimbursement of Dynamic/Flexi-fare in Shatabdi/Rajdhani/Duronto Trains, while on official tour/training. Reimbursement of Tatkal Seva Charges which has fixed fare, will remain continue to be allowed. Travel entitlement for the journey in Premium/ Premium Tatkal/Suvidha/Shatabdi/Rajdhani/Duronto Trains has been promulgated.

Level Travel Entitlement
12 and
Executive/AC  1st   Class  (In  case  of
Premium/Premium Tatkal/ Suvidha/ Shatabdi/Rajdhani Trains as per available highest class)
5A to 11 AC 2nd   Class/Chair Car (in Shatabdi
5 & Below AC 3rd Class/Chair Car

(c) The revised travel entitlement are subject to following:-

(i) In case of places not connected by rail, travel by AC bus for all those entitled to travel by AC II Tier and above by train and by Deluxe/Ordinary bus for others is allowed.

(ii) In case of road travel between places connected by rail, travel by any means of public transport is allowed provided the total fare does not exceed the train fare by the entitled class.

(iii) All mileage points earned by service personnel on tickets purchased for official travel shall be utilised by the concerned department for other official travel by their officers. Any usage of these mileage points for purposes of private travel by any officer will attract departmental action. This is to ensure that the benefits out of official travel, which is funded by the Government, should accrue to the Government.

(iv) In case of non-availability of seats in entitled class, service pers may travel in the class below their entitled class.

Auth : Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 12630/Mov C/242/D(Mov)/ 2017 dated 15 Sep 2017.

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