7th Pay Commission Revision of Disability and War injury Pension

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7th Pay Commission Revision of Disability and War injury Pension – Implementation  of Government decision on the recommendations  of the 7th  Central Pay Commission (CPC)


No.17(01)/2017 /D(Pen/Policy)

Government of India

Ministry of Defence

Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

NewDelhi-110011,  Dated  23rd January, 2018


The Chief of the Army Staff

The Chief of the Naval Staff

The Chief of the Air Staff

Subject- Implementation  of Government decision on the recommendations  of the  7th  Central Pay Commission (CPC) – Revision of Disability/ War Injury pension for pre-1.1.2016 Defence Forces pensioners reg.

The  undersigned is directed  to refer  to this  Ministry’s  letter  No.
17(01)/2016-D(Pen/Pol) dated  29th  October’  2016  modified  vide letter  No
17(01)/2017(01)/ D(Pension/Policy) dated  4th  September, 2017  for revision  of  pension  of  pre-2016 Defence  Forces pensioners/ family pensioners in  implementation of  the  Government decisions  on  the recommendations of the  7th  CPC. As per  the  same,  disability  element/ liberalized  disability  element/ war  injury element  of  Defence  Forces pensioners have  been  revised by  the  pension  disbursing agencies  by multiplying  the  existing  rate  of disability  element  as on 31.12.2015,  by factor  of 2.57  to arrive  at revised  rate  of disability element  as on 1.1.2016. The  Ministry  vide  letter  No.17(01)/2017(02)/D(Pension/Policy) dated  5th September,  2017  have  also  issued  orders  for revision  of pension  including disability  element  by issue  of corrigendum PPO  based  on notional  pay fixed  as on  1.1.2016  in the  7th  CPC pay matrix  corresponding  to the pay in the  pay  scale/ pay  band  & grade  pay  in which  the  pensioner  had retired. The later  order  of 5th September,  2017  allows  the benefit  of broad banding  of  disability  in  cases  of  retirement/ discharge  voluntary  or otherwise with disability /war injury and additional person  on disability /war  injury  element  to be authorized  by issue  of corrigendum PPO.

2. In partial  modification  of Ministry’s  said  order  dated  29th October, 2016  as  modified,  the  President  is now  pleased to decide  that  in cases where  Armed  Forces  pensioners  who were  retired/  discharged  voluntary  or otherwise  with  disability  and  were  in  receipt of disability /war  injury element  as on 31.12.2015, their  extent  of disability  shall  be re-computed m the  following  manner before  applying  the  multiplication factor  of 2.57 on existing  disability /war  injury  element  to arrive  ·at the revised  disability element/  war injury  element  as on 1.1.2016.

Accepted percentage of disability Percentage to be reckoned for computation of Disability Element
20% or more  but  less than  50% 50%
Between  50% to 75% 75%
Between  76% to 100% 100%

3. Rates  for calculation  of disability  where  composite  assessment  has been  made  due  to existence  of disability  as well  as war  injury,  shall  be determined  in terms  of provision  contained  in Para  3(b) of Ministry’s  letter No. 16(02)/2015-D(Pen/Pol) dated 8th August 2016. The amount of revised disability element higher rupee. finally arrived shall be rounded off to next.

4. The  President  is also  pleased  to decide  that  quantum  of additional pension  available  to old age pensioners  after  attaining  the age of 80 years and  above,  shall  also  be admissible on  revised disability/ war  injury element. The  Note  below  Para  12 of this  Ministry’s  above  mentioned letter  dated  29th October, 2016  stands  deleted.

5. The  provisions  of this  Ministry’s  above-mentioned letter  dated  29th October  2016  as modified  vide letter  dated  4th September,  2017 and dated 5th September,  2017,  which  are  not  affected  by  the provisions  of this letter,  shall  remain  unchanged.

6. PCDA(Pensions) Allahabad shall issue necessary implementation instructions for implementation of provisions of these orders directly by the Pension  disbursing  agencies.

7. The provisions  of this  letter  shall  take  effect  from  1.1.2016.

8. This  issues  with  the concurrence  of Finance  Division of this· Ministry vide their  ID No. Part  file (i) to 30(01)/2016/Fin/Pen  dated  15.12.2017.

9. Hindi  version  will follow.

Yours  faithfully

(Manoj  Sinha)

Under  Secretary  to the Government  of India

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