7th Pay Commission Revised Transport Allowance for Defence Personnel

7th Pay Commission Transportation Allowance for Defence Personnel in the rank of JCO / OR – Junior Commissioned Officer and below in Army, Air Force and Navy


The Transport Allowance is fully DA indexed. The 7th CPC recommended a raise commensurate with inflation as reflected in the rates of Dearness Allowance (DA). Accordingly and therefore, the fully DA-indexed allowances such as Transportation Allowance were not given any raise.


The Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence vide letter No.12630/TPTA/QMOUCC/208 D(Mov) /98 dated 20.2.98 has entitled the PBORs (including TA personnel, later on) to Transportation Allowance.

Conditions for admissibility of TPTL:

1. The TPTL is admissible if

a. The PBOR is not provided with Govt. Transport.

b. PBOR is not absent from duty or Training for more than 30 days.

2. PBORs serving in Field and Modified Field Areas are also entitled for TPTL, provided conditions laid down for its grant in Govt orders are fulfilled.

Rates of Transport Allowance (As per 6th CPC)

Rank A-1/A Cities Other place
Officers including Hony Commissioned 3200+DA 1600+DA
JCOs 1600+DA 800+DA
Hav & below but pay in the old pay band Rs.7440/- & above 1600+DA 800+DA
Hav & below and pay in the old pay band below Rs.7440/- 600+DA 400+DA


Other Attributes

1. The grant/cessation of Transportation Allowance should be published by the Units in DOs II as separate items and it is treated as Audit cage items for the purpose of adjustment in the account of the PBOR.

2. Transportation Allowance to PBOR who is blind or orthopedically handicapped “TPTH”, is double the rate per month.

3. TPTL to Honorary Commissioned Officers are admissible at the rate admissible to Commissioned Officers.

4. In case physically handicapped personnel are provided with Govt. accommodation within a distance of one KM from the place of duty or within campus housing the place of work and residence, the TPTL allowance will be admissible at NORMAL RATE as applicable.

Source: Handbook of 7th CPC pay and allowances for JCO and OR

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