CPENGRAMS – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CPENGRAMS is an online web-enabled system for speedy redressal of grievances related to pension by various Central Government Ministries/ Departments/Organizations. This system, besides providing a faster access to the pensioners, offers the following online facilities:

  • Registration of pension grievances on line
  • Forwarding of reminders on line
  • Query on the status of any of the registered grievances
  • Available (24*7) basis for submission of grievance online

A pensioner or another person on the pensioner’s behalf can file a grievance. Pensioners’ grievances can also be registered with a pensioner’s association recognized by the Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare.

Grievances about dues or facilities that are permissible to pensioners under the Rule can be filed using CPENGRAMS, for example, delays or incorrect payment of pension/gratuity/other retirement benefits; pension revision; medical facilities/Dearness Relief issues, and so on.

The grievances filed on CPENGRAMS are forwarded to the relevant Ministry/Department, which investigates the complaint in accordance with applicable rules and resolves the issue. Nodal Officers in charge of the Grievance Cell within each Ministry/Department have been appointed by all Ministries/Departments. The grievance is then forwarded to the concerned offices/organizations within the Ministry/Department by the Nodal Officers. These Nodal Officers also keep track of the status of pension grievances.

A maximum of 60 days is allowed for the resolution of grievances. The CPENGRAM system provides immediate acknowledgment. In cases where a prompt response is not possible, the applicant should be given an interim response.

A pensioner or a pensioners’ association can send online reminders based on the registration number of a previously submitted grievance. If the reminders are sent via letter, the previous registration number should be mentioned to avoid multiple registration numbers being generated for the same complaint.

Multiple grievances filed on the same issue by the same applicant on different dates are assigned different numbers electronically by CPENGRAMS. These, on the other hand, should be treated as a single grievance. The subsequent grievance would be closed with the same reference as the original complaint. After the grievance has been resolved, the Ministry/Department’s report is reviewed and the case is closed. All other registration numbers are also closed on the same basis.

Pension grievances are those that must be addressed according to the current Pension Rules/Instructions. Any request for an additional facility or service that is not covered by the Pension Rules/Instructions is considered a demand and is therefore not covered by CPENGRAMS. Such grievances are closed instantly.

Since such matters are sub-judice, the grievances on such issues cannot be entertained. Such grievances are closed instantly.