Pay Calculator developed by PCDA for Army Officers

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Pay Calculator developed by PCDA(O) for excercising option on Promotion by Army Officers

Pay Calculator developed by PCDA for Army Officers

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Pay Calculator developed by PCDA(O) for excercising option on promotion by Army Officers

In order to facilitate the Army Officers to ascertain their pay on promotion under different options i.e. (i) from date of promotion and, (ii) from date of their next increment in lower rank, and to enable them to exercise suitable option, a Pay Calculator has been developed by this Office. This Pay Calculator is available below on experimental basis. The Officer concerned may fill in the relevant data to decide the most beneficial option for submitting separately to PCDA(O) in the prescribed format within the stipulated time limit as laid down in extant Govt. orders. The option once exercised is final.

Comments and suggestions to improve the above Pay Calculator further with regard to its user friendliness and accuracy may be sent at email id generalquery-pcdaopune [at] nic [dot] in by 31 May 2019. The final version of Pay Calculator will be made available thereafter.

DISCLAIMER : The result generated by the above calculator developed by PCDA(O) is based on the data available as on the date of uploading of this calculator and is for reference only. Any decisions made by the user concerned based on the results given by the above calculator or the outcomes thereof shall be the responsibility of the user Officer only, and PCDA(O) or any employee serving under him shall not be made liable for the same or for any financial or consequential loss resulting from the use of the above calculator.

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