No better LTC benefits after 7th Pay Commission implementation

Regulation of journeys by air while availing Leave Travel Concession - 28.04.1995

Whether Central Government Employees will be getting better LTC benefits after 7th pay commission implementation ?

We could not give an affirmative Answer to this Question after DOPT issued OM dated 19.09.2017 relating Travel Entitlement for Leave Travel Concession.

Click here to read OM dated 19.09.2017 – Travel entitlements of Government employees for the purpose of LTC post 7th Pay Commission

We all know that recommendations of 7th Pay Commission on LTC did not bring out much changes.  Click here to read: 7th Pay Commission’s Report on Leave Travel Concession (LTC)

However, Central Government Employees who are drawing salary from level 6 to level 8 of 7th pay Commission Pay Matrix (Pre-revised GP 4200, 4600 and 4800) were a happier lot when Travel Allowance was revised based on 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

Checkout: Revised Travelling Allowance – Decision taken by Govt as per the 7th Pay Commission recommendations

As per this OM dated 13.07.2017, all the employees who are holding junior level posts such as Assistant, Administrative Officers etc and drawing salary in level 6 to level 8 of 7th pay Commission Pay Matrix have been allowed to travel by Air. Prior to 7th CPC implementation officers drawing salary in the GP of 5400 and above were allowed to travel by air.

Normally, Travel entitlement allowed for Official Tour would also be applicable to Leave Travel Concession. So, it was widely expected that Air Travel would be allowed for LTC also in respect of employees holding Posts in Level 6 to 8 of Pay matrix.

It was also discussed to the extent that allowing employees in Junior Level Posts also to avail Air Travel is one of the very few benefits out of 7th Pay Commission implementation. Many of these Employees and their family members would have been first time Air Travelers had the Govt extended the similar benefit of Air Travel for LTC also.

However, all these expectations have failed take off now as Govt has restricted the Air Travel in respect of Employees drawing Salary from Level 6 to 8 of Pay Matrix to only Official Tour under OM dated 19.09.2017

The Bottom Line is Air Travel on LTC would be applicable only to the Central Government Employees who are in Level 9 to 18 of 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix (Pre-Revised Grade Pay of Rs. 5400 and above)