7th Pay Commission: No protests, but these teachers salary hike demands land in court now

7th Pay Commission: The issue of salary hikes for teachers and non-teaching employees has been hanging fire for a long time now and the educators are going through a tough time waiting for some positive news for them.

Now, to try and bring change to their status, NGO Social Jurist has approached Delhi High Court and lodged a plea for the salary hike to be implemented for the teachers concerned and that a suitable direction be given to the authorities concerned as without a pay hike as per 7th Pay commission report they are suffering. With inflation eating into their salaries, the teachers condition is actually regressing by each passing month. Underlining the hardships faced by the teachers, it said their salaries had not been revised and arrears not paid either.

In the plea, the NGO wants Delhi HC to give a direction to the Delhi govt, plus 3 other municipal schools, to implement the 7th pay commission report and thereby hike their pay. This case deals with the future of over 200,000 teaching and non-teaching employees. The number of unaided private schools in Delhi are nearly 2,000.

The NGO said the 7th Pay Commission report should be implemented to bring teachers, in terms of their pay, allowances and other benefits, on par with the employees of corresponding status in the government. It added that there was no basis to the inequality in pay and called it baseless, arbitrary and discriminatory and blasted the attitude of authorities concerned for being apathetic. It even dubbed it as being in violation of their fundamental rights. The next step is for the court to hear the matter and that is slated for May 21.

While these demands of teachers has landed in the court, at the Centre, the plight of the central government employees is also increasing. They too have demanded a pay hike as inflation has been eating into their salaries. They want pay hikes as per 7th pay commission report, but with a changed fitment factor. The demand is for a fitment factor of 3.68 times rather than 2.57 times that was recommended by the 7th CPC report.

If their demands are met, then the minimum salaries of staff would rise to Rs 26,000 and the fitment factor would increase the pay at every level by the new fitment factor. However, no reports have indicated whether the central government is mulling over the demands of its employees.