7th Pay Commission Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor – Confederation’s View

7th Pay Commission Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor – Government needs to increase Minimum Pay and 7th Pay Commission fitment Factor to improve economic activity – Confederation of Central Government Employees Karnataka Branch reports

Minimum wage and fitment formula hike issues

There are various reports in the news media, print media & social media regarding the hike in the minimum wage of Central Government employees from the existing Rs 18,000/ – to Rs 21,000/ and fitment formula from 2.57 to 3.00, which shall be implemented from 1st January 2018. The same shall be announced in the National Anomaly Committee due on 9th of October.

Comrades , We cannot confirm this news, comrades we should concentrate on struggle path as the Confederation has given the series of programs , I hope the Government will implement the hike in minimum wage for CG employees and revise the fitment formula also from the existing 2.57 to 3.00 even though the Staff side JCM has demanded Rs 26,000/ as minimum wage and fitment formula of 3.56 , this hike should be from 1/1/2016 not 1/1/2018 as per media reports.

In fact the Central Government has to take the political decisions on the wage hike , in fact the group of ministers of the Central Government have agreed to raise the minimum wage for CG employees on 30th June 2016 . I hope the commitment of the union minsters shall be honoured now.

Secondly the economy of the country which was going very well during past three years has showed down ward trend in last one year as the GDP which was at 9.1 in 2015-16 has reduced to 5.7 in 2017-18 .The economic activity has to take place, it is also observed during the past one year, in spite of economic recessions, the Government revenue collection has increased considerably. To improve the economic activity of the country and increase the GDP the Central Government should spend its funds which is available with them .

If the Central Government increases the minimum wage and fitment formula for its employees, the Central Government employees gets back 40% of the wage increase through the Income Tax and GST . So hardly a Government servant is left out with 60% wage hike , here also he spends the amount credited to him , as such an economic activity is induced in the public which will help to create more demand and employment activity.

I hope the Central Government takes a political decisions on increase of minimum wage hike and fitment formula for more than one crore employees which will also benefit the public and the CG employees.

Source: Confederation, Karnataka Branch

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