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7th Pay Commission increment and DA – How much will be your salary after increment and DA?

Calculate net increase in pay, HRA, DA, and NPA

How much will be your Salary after Annual increment in 7th Pay Commission Pay is granted and a new DA installment is released ? This increment Calculator can be used as an instant tool to calculate your salary after each salary increment and grant of Additional DA by Govt

Simple Calculator to find out net increase in 7th Pay Commission pay, DA, HRA and NPA

Till running pay bands and percentage based annual increment introduced by 6th CPC in 2006, pay scale was the basis for fixation of pay and annual increment for Central Government Employees.

How increments are granted in 7th CPC Pay ?

7th Pay Commission came up with an all-in-one pay fixation table called Pay Matrix. It is designed in such a way that each column contains entry level basic pay and incremented basic pay for each stage.

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Annual increments are granted to Central Government Employees by way of fixing basic pay vertically next to the present pay in the Pay Matrix.

When annual increment is due in 7th pay commission pay ?

Govt’s decision based on 7th pay commission recommendations provides that all Central Government Employees who joined in Government Service or promoted after 1st January 2016, between 2nd January and 1st July, will be entitled to annual increment as on 1st January every year. The remaining employees will be granted annual increment on 1st July every year.

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Calculate net increase in Salary after annual increment

The tool presented here would calculate increase in each component of pay i.e basic pay, dearness allowance, House Rent Allowance, Non Practicing Allowance etc, and net increase in the salary on grant of annual increment.

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