7th Pay Commission Allowances Committee Meeting – NFIR Report

Special Allowance to Nurses working in Operation Theater/Intensive Care Unit

7th Pay Commission Allowances Committee Meeting  held on 28.11.2016 – NFIR reports on the outcome of the meeting

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen has written a letter to all Affiliated Unions regarding 7th Pay Commission Allowances Committee Meeting


National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi – 110 055

No.IV/NFIR/7 CPC (IMPL)/Allowances/2016

Dated: 29/11/2016

The General Secretaries of
Affiliated Unions of NFIR


Sub: 6th Meeting of committee on Allowances constituted to examine the recommendations of 7th CPC regarding Allowances-reg.

Ref:Railway Board’s letter No.PC-VII/2016/CDS/3 dated 28/11/12016

General Secretary, NFIR has participated in the 6th Meeting of the Committee on Allowances constituted to examine the recommendations of 7th CPC regarding Allowance at 17:30 Hrs on 28/11/2016 at Room No.169-D(Fresco), 1st Floor, North Block, New Delhi chaired by Finance Secretary, Government of India, participated by Member Staff/Railway Board, Secretary/Ministry of Defence, Secretary Postal, Additional Secretary (Expenditure), Joint Secretaries etc.

The points raised by the General Secretary, NFIR in the meeting and sent to the Joint Secretary (implementation Cell, 7th CPC) though a communication vide dated 29th November, 2016 (as confirmation of points) may be perused in the enclosure to this letter for conveying the contents to the staff down the line.

Yours fraternally,


General Secretary

Download NFIR letter No.IV/NFIR/7 CPC (IMPL)/Allowances/2016 dated 29.11.2016

No. IV/NFIR/7 CPC (IMPL)/Allowances/2016

Dated: 29/11/2016

The Joint Secretary  (Implementation Cell) 7th  CPC,

Room No. 214,

Ashoka Hotel,


New Delhi-110021

Dear Sir,

Sub:    6th  -Meeting    of   Committee   on   Allowances   constituted   to   examine   the recommendations of 7th CPC on Allowances-reg.

In the meeting held on 28th November, 2016 in Room No.  169-D (Fresco), 1st  Floor, North Block, New Delhi, the General Secretary, NFIR Shri M. Raghavaiah has at the outset invited attention of the Chairman to the Meeting held on lst September, 2016 wherein it was suggested by the  Chairman that  the  Federations may  send their  list  containing  department specific Allowances to  the  concerned Administrative ministries.  He  said that  the NFIR has accordingly given the list to the Railway Board as well as to the Chairman, Railway Board on 08th &  09th September, 2016  respectively.  He  further  requested  that  the  Pay  Commission’s recommendation vide Para 8.2.25 that any Allowance not mentioned and hence not reported to the Commission shall cease to exist, should be rejected by the Government out right as in the Railways, there are specific Allowances which have been sanctioned in the System’s interest.

The General Secretary/NFIR M. Raghavaiah has explained in the meeting, the views of the Federation on Railways’ specific allowances as below:-

(i)        PCO  Allowance  (Serial  No.  11 of the  chart   relating  to  specific  Allowances – Ministry  of Railways).
The PCO Allowance is unique for Workshops/Productions Units in Railways as the staff in PCO are being deprived of incentive bonus and for compensating the said loss, PCO Allowance has been granted and continued since decades. The 7th Central Pay Commission’s recommendation for reducing the percentage of PCO Allowance is unjustified and it would therefore be necessary to allow 7.5 &  15% of 7th CPC Basic Pay as PCO Allowance for eligible staff in GP 4600 & 4200 respectively.

(ii)    Shoe Allowance  for  Track  Maintainers   (Serial  No. 17 of the  chart  relating  to specific Allowances -Ministry  of Railways).
The nature of duties of Track Maintainers is such, that the uniform presently provided will not last beyond three months due to field working conditions, exposure to dust, heat, rain, winds etc. It would therefore be necessary to grant Rs. 10,000/- towards Dress Allowance  for Track  Maintainers  (subsuming  Shoe  Allowance).  Similarly, Running Staff in Railways should also be granted not less than Rs. 10,000/- towards Dress Allowance.

(iii)      ASV Allowance  (Serial  No.  19 of the  chart  relating   to  specific  Allowances  – Ministry  of Railways).

The Account Stock Verifiers of Railways are expected to conduct Stock Verification of Stores, materials etc., at various remote places on Indian Railways throughout the year (covering over 66,000 kms). Considering the peculiar nature of duties, outdoor work and unlimited duty hours away from their headquarters stations, these staff have been granted ASV Allowance to motivate them and volunteer for the post of Stock Verifier.  The  Railway  Board  Chairman  in  his  speaking  order  vide  No.  PC- Vl/2001/R/1  dated 07/06/2001 had mentioned the  difficult nature of duties being performed by the staff and for the said purpose this Allowance has been granted. Hence this Allowance needs to be retained and enhanced further.

(iv)     Breakdown  Allowance (Serial No. 20 of the chart  relating  to specific Allowances
– Ministry  of Railways).

In  the  interest  of  Railways,  the  Breakdown  Allowance  has  to be  retained  and enhanced  substantively  as  the  staff  nominated are  expected  to  report  within  45 minutes of the siren/hooter given and proceed to the site of accident/tracks breaches, sites where OHE wires snapped for restoring the services.

(v)        Coal Pilot Allowance (Serial No. 21 of the chart  relating  to specific Allowances – Ministry  of Railways).

This Allowance needs to be continued considering the fact that the staff are directly connected· with movement of coal from collieries and perform duties in all weather conditions. It is requested to enhance the Allowance suitably.

(vi)     Flying   Squad   Allowance   (Serial   No.  22  of  the   chart   relating   to  specific
Allowances – Ministry  of Railways).

The recommendation of Pay Commission for abolition of this Allowance is irrational and illogical. The Ticket Checking Staff in Flying Squads are playing very crucial role in preventing Ticketless travel, unauthorized entry of anti-social elements and also levy penalty on Ticket Fare for realization of dues to the Railways. This Allowances needs to be retained and improved further.

(vii)    Handicapped    Allowance (Serial   No.  23  of  the  chart relating to specific Allowances – Ministry  of Railways).

Abolition   of   Handicapped   Allowance   in  the   case   of  physically   challenged, orthopedically challenged and staff suffering from spinal deformity, is an unjustified recommendation by the Pay Commission. The Federation further cites the decision of the Apex Court allowing the Allowance in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 107 of 2011 – decided on 12/12/2013. It would therefore, be necessary to retain the Allowance and enhance the same further.

(viii)    Operation     Theatre   Allowance    (Serial   No.  24  of  the   chart    relating    to  specific Allowances   –  Ministry   of Railways).

This  Allowance   needs  to  be  continued   for  motivating   the staff  Nurses   to  perform duties  in  ICU/Operation    Theatres.   The  Railway   Ministry   had  in  fact  agreed  with NFIR’s  demand   and  accordingly   proposal   was  sent  to  the  Ministry  of  Health   & Family Welfare/Ministry of Finance. The Abolition of Allowance recommended by the Pay Commission needs to be rejected for retaining and improving the Allowance.

(ix)     Night  Patrolling   Allowance  (Serial  No.  25  of  the  chart   relating   to  specific Allowances – Ministry  of Railways).

In  view  of  duties  and  responsibilities  of  Patrolmen  as  placed below,  the Night Patrolling Allowance should be retained and substantially improved.

(a) Walk to and fro over the beat in accordance with the chart pertaining to his “patrol section” looking out for subsidence, slips, signs of erosion, trees blown across the track during storms or any other causes likely to endanger the safety of line. Bridges and their approaches should be especially watched.

(b) Apprehend damage to line when

(i)        the flood exceeds danger level at any of the bridges.

(ii)        when there is damage to the protection work or on approaches even before danger level is reached.

(iii)     the water on one side of the embankment is at a much higher level than on the other side.

(iv)      when any obstruction such as a fallen tree is blocking the water-way of a bridge.

(v)       the track shows signs of a settlement

(c) Take immediate steps in accordance with Para 1011 to stop trains when any portion of the line is likely to be rendered unsafe due to abnormal rain or flood or any other cause.

(d) When no danger is apprehended, stand on the cess on the left hand side facing the train and exhibit his number plate, turning the light of his lamp on to it, so that the number can be seen from the passing train. He should also blow the whistle, when the engine and the brake-van of the train pass him.

(e) Obtain the  signature  of  the  Station Master/  Block  Hut-in-charge  on  duty  at the Station/ Block Hut concerned for his arrival and departure and exchange patrol books with adjacent patrolmen.

(f)  Exchange the reports as to the conditions on their beats with adjacent patrol men and stationary watchmen on the way.

(g) Heed instructions from drivers who may report a condition of danger at a kilometrage and proceed to the place indicated and take necessary measures.

It  is of  supreme importance that  patrolmen and watchmen thoroughly understand what they have to do in the event of emergency. In the  event of an emergency the patrolmen should devote their whole time and energy to the protection of the line and summoning of assistance.  Having protected  the  line  and  summoned  assistance, they should resume their patrolling.

(x) Rajdhani  Allowance (Serial No. 27 of the chart  relating  to specific Allowances – Ministry  of Railways).

The 7th CPC recommendation for abolition of the Allowance is not in the interest of Railways, as the Train Superintendent of Rajdhani Express Train performs duties as Captain of the train  controlling on-board staff of all departments and monitoring punctuality, Safety &  Security of passengers as well their comforts. As these staff perform duties as incharge of the entire train, the Allowance has been granted for motivating them to opt for the post. Hence the 7th CPC recommendation for abolition should be rejected and Allowance be further improved.

(xi)      Track  Maintainers   Risk  &  Hardship   Allowance  (Serial  No. 5 of the  chart  of common issues relating  to specific Allowances -Ministry  of Railways).

The recommendation of 7th CPC for Risk & Hardship Allowance based on the Cell R3H2  (Rs.  2700/-  p.m.)  may  be  accepted  and  the  recommended  Allowance  be granted.  The  Track   Maintainers  presently  paid   Special  Level  Crossing  Gate Allowance  for manning  level crossing gates also  should  be paid  this Allowance mentioned in Cell R3H2 (Rs. 2700/- p.m.).

(xii)     Daily Officiating  Allowance (Serial No. 6 of the chart  of common issues relating to specific Allowances – Ministry  of Railways).

This Allowance needs to be continued as the system cannot afford to keep the safety and operational posts unmanned even for a single day. The system of granting of Daily Officiating Allowance has been in vogue in terms of Rule 1427 of the Indian Railways Establishment Code Vol. II. Railways being an operational system, working round the clock, this concept of payment of Daily Officiating Allowance has been working satisfactorily. It would therefore be necessary to retain and enhance the rates of Daily Officiating Allowance.                                                                   ·

The General  Secretary, NFIR  M.  Raghavaiah has  also  brought  to  the  notice of the Chairman of the Meeting that in Railways a Special Allowance for announcing duties has been in vogue. He cited an example of Station Master performing announcing duties in addition to his designated duties of Train Operations etc. Such Allowances are required to be retained and revised upwardly.

The General Secretary, NFIR also mentioned that Train Controllers Allowance recommended by the 7th  CPC be accepted. He further suggested to consider grant/improvement of Special Allowances in the case of following categories in Railways:-

(a) Loco Pilots,

(b) Assistant Loco Pilots,

(c) Guards,

(d) Training Allowance be  revised to 30% of 7th CPC Pay,

(e) In Railways, .Cycle Allowance may be retained and revised.

Concluding his views, M. Raghavaiah expressed confidence that the Committee Chaired by Finance Secretary would  favourbly recommend the proposals made by the Federation as placed above. He also requested that the above points may be made part of the minutes of the meeting held on 28/11/2016.

Yours faithfully,

(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)

General  Secretary

Download NFIR letter No.IV/NFIR/7 CPC (IMPL)/Allowances/2016 dated 29.11.2016