Use the contents which Bill Gates uses to teach his children, learn through, video lessons, youtube and khanacademy.orgYou will definitely agree with us for the conclusion that when comes to explaining fundamentals in subjects such as maths, science etc., class room session with a black board, chalk and of course with a good teacher will always be better than the e-tutorials downloaded from Internet.

What if a streaming video in the Internet that just mimics a class room session by focusing on a black board with the subject explained step by step using just a marker and an audio of explanation in simple English? Won't this idea match a traditional class room session if not better?

Yes. The idea used for explaining concepts in various subjects such as Maths, science, economics etc., in the website is really very effective.

This website has been launched by Salman Khan without any profit motive to provide free education to all and in this process he has used web technology very effectively.

The site looks very simple. It contains hundreds of short descriptions classified subject wise. Each of such description links to a YouTube video which will explain you the topic just like a class room session.

But, Khan, the teacher is found to have acquired in depth knowledge in science and Engineering as he holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in addition to BS in Maths from MIT. The list is not over. He has also acquired a MBA degree in Harvard Business School. Above all, he is well known for teaching complex subjects in simple terms.

As revealed by khan, he had a very bright career in a hedge fund company that was fetching him thousands of dollars.

Interestingly, the idea of using the free YouTube videos for his online teaching started when his younger cousin who was struggling in Maths had to be sent online tutoring sessions by him. When her cousin realized the effectiveness of his teaching, it got spread to many. Then Khan decided to have a repository of those online sessions in the internet, which is now website.

Soon, many internet users including great icons of IT world too were moved by the shear quality of the contents provided by khan. His YouTube videos got very popular with thousands of hits per day. By that time, Khan started realizing his passion for teaching online should be his full time career. He quit his million dolor job and started working full time for

Afterwards, khan never looked back. Now, Bill Gates and Google Academy are supporting Khan for his contribution towards this noble cause.

Do you know a secret? Bills Gates now teaches his kids using the videos of

The following videos narrate about khan and his site


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