Scientist creates Kidney using human tissue

Scientist creates Kidney using human tissueIf this comes to reality it will be one of the best inventions in the medical world as it could rewrite the history in transplantation of human parts in order to save life. 

Especially for thousands and thousands of patients who  are all living a gloomy life with renal failure,  this may be the news they are longing for. 

As of now, transplantation is the only solution for a permanent renal failure but acute organ shortage makes the patients’ life miserable and surely it’s a health crisis.  The number of patients who are in need of a kidney swells like anything yet the number of organs available for transplantation is reducing day by day due to various reasons. 

Medical world is trying to cope up with this problem and could not be successful so far.Scientist creates Kidney using human tissue

However, Anthony Atala of the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine says a possible working model for crafting a kidney using patient’s tissue is ready.  He disclosed this remarkable news at a TED conference at California city of Long Beach, United States (TED is a non-profit organization in US devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design.  For more details on TED click this link)

In fact, we could get the following  very informative Video from TED that explains how Anthony Atala "printes" a real kidney using a machine that eliminates the need for donors when it comes to organ transplants.

The surgeon has said in the conference that  "It's like baking a cake," and created a fresh kidney on stage at the TED Conference.

According to Atala Scanners are used to take a 3-D image of a kidney that needs replacing, then a tissue sample about half the size of postage stamp is used to seed the computerized process.  The organ "printer" then works layer-by-layer to build a replacement kidney replicating the patient's tissue.

Atala has disclosed that one Luke Massella was among the first people to receive a printed kidney during experimental research a decade ago when he was just 10 years old.  He is now a College Student.  Reports say that when Luke Massella was interviewed he said that his kidneys were not working earlier and after the surgery done with crafted kidney his life is saved and he is in college now.

Technology that prints a Kidney:

Source: Fox news

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