Lifebook 2013 – An innovative all-in-one design by an Indian

lifebook 2013 designed by Prashant Chandra

Mobile phones, Laptop, camera etc are no more luxury.  We need  those for better life.

All of these devices have been provided in addition to the main functionality, the fuctionality of other devices.  Say, you have a Mobile phone. It also comes with a good camera nowadays.  Similarly your laptop can be used to chat to your friend while your mobile phone can act as a computer when it stores data and process little bit of information.  But the additional functionalities that a device contain are only bits and pieces and may not be useful for a real job.

For example you forgot to take your camera for the picnic.  Your mobile phone camera can not safe you from your spouse then.  Your boss will not  spare you if had left out your laptop at home and try to convince him by saying that you have a smart phone of 1 Gtz memory, lot of apps and it would repeat what is shouted before it!

Had you ever imagine that you have a laptop which contains all the devices say a mobile phone, a camera, a tablet etc which can be removed from the labtop and used seperately when needed.

An Indian designer Prashant Chandra has thought about this and has designed a working model for Fujitsu Design Awards competition and named the same as Lifebook 2013.  He explains the Lifebook 2013 as follows.

“Our life in this IT age typically consist of these digital devices that we use everyday to do our work, entertain ourselves, enjoy our hobbies, save our memories and share and socialize with our family & friends. Presently we buy each one of these devices separately and then struggle to keep them all synchronised with our data. Also we always use these devices one at a time. This means a lot of wasted hardware which is repeated in these devices and is sitting idle in one device, when we are using other. If there was a device that could have these devices integrated into one thereby making synchronization a seamless process and overall cost of ownership lesser than what I would spend for four individual devices, it would truly be my Lifebook.”

Consisting of a notebook, tablet, phone/MP3 player, and camera, the unit doesn’t actually have a physical keyboard, the tablet becomes a virtual keyboard when docked. When connected, the unit shares hardware and storage and only needs a single power charger. This laptop computer concept is based on the principle of “shared hardware”.

Laptop integrated with camera, mobile phone and tablet

Commercial production of this design is yet to begin and the same is expected to hit the market next year as the name suggests.

This idea of integrating the gadgets would really work-out, if it would make us more organised.

Source: Yanko design

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