Google Chromebook- Will it be an upset to Microsoft Windows OS?

Google Chromebook- Will it be an upset to Microsoft Windows OS?Search-engine giant Google has launched a new laptop that it says will overturn the Microsoft and Apple-dominated world of personal computing.

Users of the web-centric computers won't need anti-virus software, firewalls, back-ups or even to install updates, and the device will boot in seconds.

Called as ''Chromebook'', using Google's Chrome operating system, the computers will be available in the United States and Europe next month. Models manufactured by Samsung and Acer will be launched in Australia by August.

For the last two years Google has been advocating its Chrome operating system as an alternative to Microsoft Windows.

Some of the other features of Chromebooks include long battery life, optional 3G — whereby the user can use the web when there is a need — and many layers of security built in so there is no anti-virus software to buy and maintain.

The Chrome operating system marks Google's latest attempt to change how consumers use their computers and analysts say it poses a threat to the dominance of Microsoft's Windows.

The bare bones operating system is essentially a web browser that steers users to applications such as email and spreadsheets directly on the web, instead of storing software such as Outlook or Word directly on PCs.

According to Google the world of computers today, in many ways, is broken. Users have to manage their computers, they have to deal with updates, they have to worry about viruses and security. This area is taken care by chromebook to make users simply switch on laptop and start doing their work without giving much importance to software installation, updates, maintenance etc.'

Watch this video on Google Chromebook:

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