Gmail now works even when there is no internet connectivity

Gmail now works even when there is no internet connectivity

Gmail, Google’s one of the most widely used emailing service, has been witnessing a slew of upgrades lately. Just before the Google I/O 2018 developer’s conference it received a major redesign and after the conference, a couple of new AI-based features were introduced for the mailing service.

But now, a new support has started rolling out for Gmail, which can also be termed as one of the most important and much-needed one – Offline support.

Yes, now you can work on your Gmail even when there is no internet connectivity. This means you can’t just read the emails but also archive them, delete them, write and search as well, all without the need of an internet connection. Al these tasks will be synced online and across devices once they get the network.

The only catch here is that this feature is not visible right away. You would need Chrome browser version 61. So here’s how you can get the offline mode activated on Gmail’s web version.

Step 1: Download Chrome 61.
Step 2: In Gmail, click on the gear-like Settings icon on the top-right side.
Step 3: In the drop down menu click on ‘Settings’ tab
Step 4: In the menu bar above, click on ‘Offline’ tab placed at the end (right side).
Step 5: Check the ‘Enable offline mail’ option.
Step 6: Change the settings according to your requirements.

And that’s it, you’re ready to work on Gmail without an internet connectivity.

Gmail has already made its ‘Smart Compose’ feature live for users. The aim of the feature is to make sentence writing process quicker. It is secretly hidden as an experimental feature. With this Google is taking feedback and improving it before rolling it out to everyone as one of the mainstream features.

Here’s how you can activate the particular feature.

Since this is an experimental feature, Google is using it to get feedback and improve it before rolling it out to everyone as one of the mainstream features. If you want to get started with the Gmail’s ‘Smart Compose’ feature, here’s what to do.

Step 1: In the new Gmail interface recently introduced by Google, click on the gear-like ‘Settings’ button.
Step 2: Under ‘General’ scroll down and click on Smart Compose.
Step 3: Click on ‘Writing suggestions on’. Same options can be selected to switch off the particular feature.

That’s it. It is worth adding that the particular feature is available in just English language. “Smart Compose is not designed to provide answers and may not always predict factually correct information,” adds the Gmail support page.

At the time of the launch, the company’s official blog post added that “Because it operates in the background, you can write an email like you normally would, and Smart Compose will offer suggestions as you type. When you see a suggestion that you like, click the “tab” button to use it.

Google says this new feature will be rolling out to all users in next few weeks. The particular feature will also be made available for G Suite customers in the workplace in the coming months.

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