Breakthrough in Battery Technology in the offing

sodium sulphur batttery technology

Scientists in advanced materials and electrochemistry have produced Electric Storage batteries what could be the single most important breakthrough for clean, alternative energy.

It’s a new generation of deep-storage battery that’s small enough, and safe enough, to sit in your basement and power your home.

It promises to nudge the world to a paradigm shift as big as the switch from centralized mainframe computers in the 1980s to personal laptops. But this time the mainframe is electrical grid; and the switch is to personal power stations in millions of individual homes.

sodium-sulfur-batteriesThe battery breakthrough comes from a Salt Lake company in United States of America called Ceramatec.  They have developed this new disc-shaped battery that can store up to 20KWh of electricity, enough to power an average home for most of the day.

Ceramatec’s new battery uses a thin ceramic membrane that is sandwiched between the sulphur layer and the sodium layer, enabling the battery to run at less than 200 F. Only positive sodium ions can pass through, leaving electrons to create a useful electricity.The company claims that the new batteries will be available on the market by 2011, and will sell for about $2000.

The most energy-dense batteries available today are huge bottles of super-hot molten sodium, swirling around at 600 degrees or so. At that temperature the material is highly conductive of electricity but it’s both toxic and corrosive. You wouldn’t want your kids around one of these.

batteryThe essence of Ceramatec’s breakthrough is that high energy density (a lot of juice) can be achieved safely at normal temperatures and with solid components, not hot liquid.

Ceramatec says its new generation of battery would deliver a continuous flow of 5 kilowatts of electricity over four hours, with 3,650 daily discharge/recharge cycles over 10 years.

These batteries are to be charged through solar panels or windmills to make a home completely not depending on conventional electricity through grid. If you could produce these type of non-conventional energy that’s enough to charge these innovative batteries. The charged batteries would take care of your electricity needs.  Ceramatec’s battery breakthrough now makes that possible.

source: Daily Herald

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