AAkash-The Cheapest Tablet net book launched in India

aakash ubislate tablet, cheapest tablet netbook in the worldThe Release of Android OS driven Tablet for Rs.1700 (US$ 35) was among the top of widely spread media news this week.

This tablet net book is to be sold in India in the name "AAkash Ubislate". A Canadian based Company known Datawind Ltd., is the manufacturer. This company is run by two Indians; Suneet and Raja Tulli. This company is already a leading developer of wireless web access products and services.

Recently HRD minister Kapil Sibal released this tablet. It is announced by Government that it is going to provide subsidy for supply of this tablet to students. As a result for student this will cost around Rs.1700. The Govt. of India even distributed 500 free tablets to students from different parts of India who had come to attend the event.

It is announced by Datawind that retail price of this tablet will be around Rs.3000. At this price, AAkash Ubislate will be cheapest tablet ever released.

This is the official website of AAkash Ubislate. Click here


  • The tablet meant for retail sales which is to be sole at Rs.3000/- will have an inbuilt cellular modem and SIM to access internet. So, this device is mobile GPRS internet connection enabled. This feature will not be available in the subsidized devices which are to be distributed at the cost of Rs.1700.
  • The subsidized version will have only WiFi connectivity provision. This means we require a WiFi modem externally to connect to the internet.
  • Both versions of the tablet are equipped with a 7-inch touch screen and will run on Google's Android platform, with WiFi connectivity for internet access and cloud storage.
  • The tablets will have 256 MB of RAM and two USB ports. It has no hard disc. However, a slot for inserting 32 GB MicroSD card (expandable memory) is available.
  • So, the device at a retail price of Rs.3000/- has both GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity and available with an affordable Internet plan of Rs.98 per 2GB. This version can also be used as a phone by inserting a SIM card and headphones.
  • Both of these devices will be able to download over 1,50,000 Android applications including Office Suite and can play HD quality video.

The following video reviews AAkash Ubislate

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