Tamil Nadu State – Furnish details of employees: Govt.

The Tamil Nadu State government has asked all its departments to submit details of of employees of different categories along with the details of accounts for which the amount released by the government are being credited to. This exercise has been undertaken as part of preparation for the budget.

The information was sought to ascertain the number of work charged, daily wage, full time, part time and other categories of employees in addition to the contract and outsourced staff.

Universities and grant-in-aid institutions had been asked to update the position of the sanctioned posts in the portal of Centre for Good Governance. The government had already instructed the departments to submit their budgetary requirements online by January 15. The proposals submitted by the departments would be examined by January 26 and the State is expected to start preparation of the full budget subsequently. “With the Central Government expected to present the budget on February 1, we will have an assessment of the central devolutions so that full budget can be prepared,” a senior official said.

The official, however, did not hazard a guess on the likely size of the budget as issues like the impact of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) are yet to be factored in. “GST will have definite effect on the resources. We are yet to know the magnitude of the impact,” the official said.

Source: The Hindu