Dearness Allowance of 7% to Pensioners / Family Pensioners of Madya Pradesh

The State Government of Madya Pradesh has sanctioned seven percent dearness relief to pensioners and family pensioners with retrospective effect from August 1, 2012. With this, their pension relief has gone up to 65 percent. Dearness relief will also be given on additional pension payable to pensioners of 80 years of age or above.

This order will also be applicable to superannuation, retiring, invalid and compensatory pension. An employee who has been dismissed or removed from service will be entitled for this dearness relief also on compassionate allowance. This dearness relief will also be given to family pensioners and extraordinary pensioners.

There will be no eligibility of dearness relief on pension in the cases where a pension/family pension beneficiary is appointed/re-appointed in any State Government or autonomous institution. If someone is employed at the time of death of spouse and had not been given appointment on compassionate ground, then he/she will be entitled for dearness allowance on payable family pension being provided on account of death of spouse.

If a pensioner has got part of his pension commuted, he will be entitled for pension on his basic pension. This order will also be applicable to all those retired government employees who have drawn lump sum amount on merger into undertakings/autonomous institutions/boards/corporations etc. and who have become eligible for alternation of one third part of pension as per rules.

Government of Madya Pradesh

Finance Department

Mantralaya -Bhopal

No:F 9-4/2012/Rule /IV

Bhopal, dated 21st September, 2012


All Department of Government

The president of Board of Revenue, Gwalior

All Commissioners of Divisions

All heads of Department,

All Collectors

Madya Pradesh

Sub: Sanction of 7% dearness relief on the pension of of the pensioners of the state of Madyapradesh


The state government had sanctioned 58% dearness relief w.e.f 01.04.2012 on pension/family pension to their pensioners/family pensioners vide Finance Department Memo No: F 9-4/2012/Rule/IV dated 17 April 2012. The state Government has not decided tht the dearness relief admissible to pensioners should be sanctioned as given below. The Additional pension payable to the pensioner’s aged 80 years or above shall also qualify for dearness relief.

Period Rate of Dearness relief per month
w.e.f 1.8.2012 (Pension / family pension for the month of August, 2012 paid in September, 2012 65% of Pension / Family Pension

2. The above dearness relief shall be payable on the Superannuation retiring, Invalid and Compensation Pension. This dearness relief shall also be payable on the Compassionate Allowance sanctioned to the employees discharged or removed from service and the said dearness relief shall also be payable to persons receiving family pension and extra ordinary pension under the restrictions contained in the Finance Department’s memo No: F.B.6/43/76/R-II/Iv dated 5.10.76. The dearness relief on the pension / family pension shall not be payable in the cases where the pensioners / family pensioners are appointed / re-appointed under the state Government or autonomous institutions. This relief on family pension shall be payable in cases where a person at the time of the death of the spouse was in service and was not appointed on compassionate grounds. This relief on family pension shall not be payable in cases where a person on account of the death of the spouse has been appointed on compassionate grounds. In this connection attention is invited to the provisions contained in Finance Department’s Memo No: F.B.6/10/76/R-II/IV, dated 27.07.76 read with Memo No: F.B.6/10/77/R-II/IV, dated 2.5.77 and Memo No.F-12-5/2007/Rule/IV dated 19.04.2007.

3. Pensioners who have commuted a part of their pension shall be paid the dearness relief on their original pension (Pension before commutation)

4. This order shall be applicable is in respect of the State Government Employees who had drawn lump sum amount on absorption in PSU/ Autonomous body/Board/Corporation etc and have become eligible to restoration 0f 1/3rd commuted portion of pension in terms of this Department’s Memo No: F.9/9/2006/Rule/IV dated 5.1.2007.

5. Fraction of rupee of the amount to be paid as dearness relief shall be rounded off to the next rupee.

6. All Treasury Officer / Sub Treasury Officers / Pension Disbursing Officers are directed to make Payment of the above sanctioned dearness relief to State Government Pensioners early, keeping in view of the amended provisions of S.R.347 of the M.P.T.C Volume-1, issued vide Finance Department’s Endorsement No.E.-4/1/83/R-V, dated 29th January, 1983. After payment of dearness relief the same may be got checked from the usual payment authority received from the Accountant General, Madya Pradesh. If some inaccuracy / discrepancy comes to the notice, the same may be adjusted in the payment on next month.


Download Madya Pradesh State Government Order of dearness Relief F 9-4/2012/Rule /IV dated 21.09.2012

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