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Grant of leave without allowance

Grant of leave without allowance for Kerala State Government Employees who are under Probation:

Government of Kerala has issued necessary orders (G.O.(P) No. 471/2012/Fin dated 23.08.2012) for grant of leave without allowance under Appendix XII A and XII C Part I Kerala Service Rules, before completion of probation after cancelling earlier government order G.O.(P) No.161/2008Fin. dated 09.04.2008 which was not allowing this facility.

Government of Kerala has now reviewed the position and ordered that the earlier government order in this regard stand cancelled and grant of leave without allowance for the employees who are on probation.

The conditions specified in this order dated 23.08.2012 are

(i) Non- Government employees in regular service, who have not completed probation in the entry cadre shall be granted leave without allowance under Appendix XII A and Appendix XII C Part I Kerala Service subject to the condition that they will have to start their probation afresh and complete the probation on return from leave without allowance. In other words, the officers will forfeit the service benefits that have accrued to them prior to their proceeding on leave without allowance and they will be deemed as new entrants to Government Service on return from leave without Allowance. What is protected is only the right to rejoin service in the same cadre as if they are new entrants.

(ii) If on further verification by the Kerala Public Service Commission/Police verification, it is found that the officer is ineligible for appointment, the appointment will be treated as null and void and leave without Allowance will be treated as cancelled from the date of sanction of leave.

(iii) The vacancy arising due to such grant of leave without Allowance shall be filled up, and the officers who enter on Leave without Allowance shall not be permitted to rejoin duty before the expiry of sanctioned term of Leave without Allowance.

Download Order G.O (P) No.471/2012/Fin. dated 23.08.2012 of Kerala Government

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