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Utilisation of mileage points – Procedure for CPSE employees

Utilisation of mileage points / other incentives earned by CPSE employees on tickets purchased for official travel

F.No. DPE/3(4)/08-Fin.

Government of India
Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises
Department of Public Enterprises
Public Enterprises Bhavan
Block No. 14, CGO Complex
Lodhi Road New Delhi-110003
Dated : 20th February, 2013

Subject: Utilisation of mileage points / other incentives earned by CPSE employees on tickets purchased for official travel.

Ministry of Petroleum & Nature Gas vide O.M. No. C-13014123/2009-Vig dated 18th January, 2013 has made a reference to DPE regarding the advice of Central Vigilance Commission to ensure the observance of instructions issued by the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance in its O.M No.7(1)/ E.Coord./ 2008 dated 1st October, 2008) on utilization of mileage points earned by CPSEs employees.

2. After due consideration, it has been decided that all mileage points earned by employees of CPSEs on tickets purchased for official travel shall be utilized by the concerned CPSEs for other official travel by their employees.

3. It is the responsibility of the employees concerned to ensure that free mileage points are used only for official travel and not for personal trips. Any other incentives and similar packages such as free companion etc. should be negotiated by CPSEs so that benefits come to the CPSEs.
4. These orders will be applicable in the case of mileage points earned after the date of issue of this O.M.
5. All administrative Ministries / Departments are requested to advise all CPSEs under their administrative control to comply with the above instructions strictly.
6. This has approval of Minister (HI & PE).
(V.K. Jindal)

Download Office Memorandum F.No. DPE/3(4)/08-Fin dated 20.02.2013

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