Pay Scales recommended for Central Public Sector Enterprise Employees – 3rd pay revision committee report

expected pay scales for CPSE Employees

CPSE Pay Scales Recommended by 3rd Pay Revision Committee

Third Pay Revision Committee report.
1. The Committee recommends to continue with the existing levels & numbers of pay-scales linked to the Schedule classification of the CPSEs without any change. Thus, the CPSEs shall be operating the pay-scales model with starting point and end point.

2. Pay-scales have been formulated with reasonability and due consideration of existing pay-scales, full DA neutralization, recommended fitment benefit, span of pay-scales, flow of pay-scales across levels & across CPSEs schedules, etc.

3. The revised pay-scales for the Board-level and Below Board level executives for each of the schedule of the CPSE i.e. Schedule-A, Schedule-B, Schedule-C & Schedule-D, effective from 1.1.2017, is placed at the Table 3.1, Table 3.2, Table 3.3 & Table 3.4 respectively.
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CPSE 3rd pay revision committee report

cpse 3rd pay revision committee recommendations

cpse 3rd pay commission recommendations