No.7(23)/E.III-N2007 Government of lndia Mlni.stry of Finance Department of Expenditure

New Delhi, the 10lh October, 2008.



Grant of PLB and Ad-hoc Bon us to Central Government employees - revision of calculation ceiling.

Consequent UpOIl recent amendment to Section 2 (13) and Section 112 of the Payment of Bonus Aet, 1965 enhancing the calculation ceiling effective from 1.4 .2006, the question of extending sim ilar benefit to the Central Government employees has been under consideration of the Government. The President is now pleased to decide that the calculation celling for payment of Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) and Ad-hac Bon us to all eligible Central Government employees shall be as follows w.e.f, 1.4.2006 l.e. from the year 2006-07 onwards>

Calculation ceiling

Existing Revised

(emQluments per month)

PLB in Railways

Rs,2500/- Rs.3.500/-

PLB in other

De ptts'O rg a n izatio n s

Rs.2.500/- Rs.3500/-

Ad-hac bonus for employees not covered by any PLB

Rs.250D/- Rs.3500/-

2ยท, In so far as tile persons serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Departments are concerned, these orders are issued in consultation with the Comptm~ler & Aud itor General of India.


Hindi version of this Offtce Memorandum shall follow.



Joint Secretary to the Government of India