Remember to take a break with Workrave

For folks who spend too much time in front of a computer, repetitive strain injury (RSI) can be a real problem. The effects can range from mildly annoying to physically debilitating; from headaches and eye strain up through carpal tunnel syndrome. One important way to try to avoid these types of problems is to mix up your routine, and to avoid repeating the offending actions. It’s hard to remember to take a break, so sometimes a tool like Workrave can be a help.

Workrave is an application that reminds you to take a break. There are three different types of reminders for you: a micro-pause, a rest break, and a daily limit. The micro-pause is a frequent break of short duration—just a few seconds to take your hands off the keyboard and mouse and to focus your eyes somewhere else other than on your monitor.

workrave rest break

A rest break is a bigger break to your routine. You’ll want to get up, move around, maybe go get that cup of coffee you’ve been craving. And, of course, the daily limit tells you that you’ve done enough for the day, and that you really ought to get on with the rest of your life.

workrave daily limit

The intervals between each of these breaks, as well as their duration, is individually configurable. If you haven’t had any RSI problems, you may want to spread the timing out here; if you have had problems, then you may want to dial your breaks up to help keep from exacerbating problems.

workrave preferences

Needless to say, if you are experiencing RSI symptoms, it’s always a good idea to check with your medical provider to explore ways to help deal with them.

Workrave is a free download. It’s available for both Windows and Linux platforms.

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