Reliance Jio ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’ vs BSNL Data offers: Here’s a Quick Comparison

Reliance Jio ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’ vs BSNL Data offers: Here’s a Quick Comparison

Reliance Jio has shaken up the data prices in India, making 1GB data per day a standard expectation when it comes to most Indian users. While most operators have been offering new data plans, BSNL is the latest players to have launched plans to take on the newcomer.

BSNL recently launched three new plans and revised its data offering on a popular plan to give users a lot more data, all for under Rs 400.

Here’s a quick look at BSNL’s new plans vs the Reliance Jio offering:

BSNL’s plans

First up, BSNL’s STV-339 prepaid plan has been revised and will now offer 3GB data per day. Earlier the FUP was 2GB per day. STV are BSNL’s Special Tariff Vouchers, and it looks like the govt-owned teleco has woken up to the idea of offering a lot more data in order to retain its customers.

The STV-339 comes with 3GB data per day, and a validity of 28 days. However, this is only for 3G data, and once you run out of the daily data the speed is reduced to 80 kbps, which is not ideal. The plan also comes with unlimited voice calls within the BSNL network. Customers also get 25 minutes of free calls to other networks everyday. After that, the charge is 25 paisa per minute.

BSNL’s new plans are called: ‘Triple Ace’, ‘Dil khol ke bol’ and ‘Nehle pe dehla’.

The ‘Triple ACE’ plan costs Rs 333 and comes with a 90 day validity period. The plan gives customers 3GB data per day, which comes to 270GB data over the 90 day period. Once again, this is a 3G data plan and the speed drops to 80Kbps after crossing the FUP limit.

‘Dil khol ke bol’ plan is priced at Rs 349, and has 2GB data limit for 28 days, but also comes with unlimited voice (Local/STD) calls included. However, the 2GB data limit for 28 days means you are getting 56GB data for Rs 349.

Finally, the ‘Nehle pe dehla’ plan costs Rs 395, where customers again get 2GB data per day but for an odd 71 days. This comes to a total of 142 GB for the Rs 395 cost. Customers also get 3000 minutes of calling on just the BSNL network, while there are 1800 minutes on other networks.

While BSNL is offering a lot of data, especially if you consider the Rs 333 plan, the only problem is that this has 3G data, compared to other players who are offering 4G data. Also the 80kbps speed reduction means your internet speed will tank, once you run out of your daily data limit.

Reliance Jio’s plans

We’ll now take a look at Jio’s prepaid plans offering the most data for customers. For starters, Jio Prime users are getting the best deals in terms of data offering. If you’ve paid Rs 99 and got a Rs 303 recharge done before the Summer Surprise offer was withdrawn, then you are enjoying free data for the next three months. While your recharge amount will only kick in from July onward, you can’t recharge with any of the new plans.

The Rs 303 plan offered customers 1GB data per day, with speed being reduced to 128Kbps after running out of this daily FUP. On Jio voice calls are free to all other networks, and there are no roaming charges either.

Now in the new plans, for Jio Prime users, who get a recharge of Rs 309 done, the plan offers 1GB data per day for 84 days. That comes to 84GB data for Rs 309, and once you do the next recharge, you will get 1GB data per day, but the validity period will be 28 days. So with Jio, the first recharge will last you 84 days, which is nearly three months.

Jio’s second big data plan in the prepaid category starts at Rs 509 and gives users 168GB data with an FUP of 2GB per day. Once again the validity is 84 days, and the next recharge puts the limit at 2GB with 28 day validity, bringing the total data to 56GB.

After these plans, Jio has more expensive plans in the prepaid range starting at Rs 999 up to Rs 9,999, but none of these seem as good as the Rs 309 or Rs 509 plan if compare the daily data offering, though they have a longer validity.

The advantage with Jio is that this is a 4G VoLTE network, and you are assured of faster data speeds, well as long as you don’t run out of the FUP. However, if you have been using an old smartphone, which might not have 4G VoLTE support, you will need to upgrade for Jio to work properly.

Source: IE