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At least once in your life, most of you would have thought that it would be great to buy or build an exact replica of the house of your dreams. It might have been difficult in the past, when you had to settle for whatever sketch the architect came up with. Now, you can be your own architect and create the perfect house plan that will exactly fit all your needs and preferences.

While there are several profession interior design software applications available, Sweet Home 3D stands out being one of the easiest to use and what’s more, it’s free. If you want to redecorate an apartment or rearrange the existing furniture in a room, Sweet Home 3D might prove to be the easiest way.


The application provides you with 75 furniture models that you can place in any room. They are organized into categories according to their placement in the house. You can create a custom plan that matches your house, respecting all room measurements and furniture details. You can create your custom rooms, specify the room dimensions, the wall thickness and texture, and pretty much any other detail that you might think of. The best part is that you can enjoy a 3D preview of the house at any time.

The main window of Sweet Home 3D is divided into 4 panels that help you get a clear and complete view of the house. The first panel shows a list of the available objects grouped into categories: Bathroom, Bedroom, Doors and windows, Kitchen and Living Room, making it easy for you to find the desired furniture object. This list also shows a thumbnail image of the selected piece and information about its designer. The gridded panel lets you set the position of the furniture in the room and also gives you access to the context menu from where you can choose to modify dimensions, create walls, delete objects, zoom in and out.

In the left-bottom panel of Sweet Home 3D’s main window, you can see a detailed list of the objects that you added to your house. You can choose the furniture attributes that you want to see from the following list: Name, Width, Depth, Height, Abscissa, Ordinate, Elevation, Angle, Color, Movable, Door/Window and Visible. You can modify any of these attributes and configure the objects’ dimensions and their position.

Last, but not least, the 3D preview panel gives you a clear idea of the way that your home will look after you redecorate. You can, of course, rotate the view to any angle, zoom in or out and capture all the aspects of the new design of your house. There is even a virtual visit view which lets you move inside your virtual house. You can walk through your rooms and get a good feel of your arrangements.

A very important feature included in the Sweet Home 3D is the possibility to import 3D objects from different formats: OBJ, LWS and 3DS. Due to the great number of contributors to the project, you will find more than 100 pieces of furniture on the product’s web page alone. You can create a distinct project for each room of the house, or a single one including the entire plan of the house. Either way, Sweet Home 3D provides you all the needed tools to design your dream home.

The program’s interface is intuitive and very easy to use: it includes the main menu of the application, synthesizing its most important functions and also a toolbar with buttons for each relevant action. You can also interact with Sweet Home 3D through its context menu that is available from each panel of the application.

Sweet Home 3D can transform any decoration idea in your imagination into a real plan, a house sketch that you can view and adjust taking into consideration both the functional issues and the aesthetics aspects. What more can you ask from this type of software product? It allows you to customize, scale and reposition each piece of furniture, remove it from the room or just make it invisible. Sweet Home 3D helps you customize some options of the application in the Preferences window. You can change the program’s language, the measurement unit, whether the Magnetism should be enabled or not and other elements. You can also set new values for the default wall thickness and height.

It’s so easy to use that even a novice computer user can work with it.

Check out this video and see for yourself what Sweet Home 3D can do and how easy it is to use.

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