Learn touch-typing with Stamina Typing Tutor

Almost all of us today use computers, but not everybody knows how to type.

With the importance of typing, the most significant method of data entry out there, it’s amazing how many people still use the tried-and-true methods of hunt-and-peck, or two-finger typing. Certainly not the most efficient way to get things done.

You may be beyond the age where you could go for a typing class, but if you would still like to become at least a bit more proficient at typing, try out Stamina Typing Tutor.

stamin typing tutor

Stamina Typing Tutor is a free touch-typing tutor for Windows. It supports multiple languages and layouts, so whether you’re trying to wrestle the traditional QWERTY keyboard to the ground, or want to try something more exotic like a Dvorak layout, it’s all here for you. There’s even an alternative method that they suggest that they claim will lead to a reduction in hand stress. Drills are provided to help you focus on particular skills. It keeps track of how you’re doing, so you can watch your progress over time, and see how much faster you’re getting.

If you’re tired of thinking faster than you can type, Stamina Typing Tutor maybe just they help you’re looking for.


  • Support for several layouts and languages
  • Lessons designed for mastering certain keys
  • Work with real text to achieve unreal speeds
  • Choice of entering text from an external file
  • Lesson editor
  • Precision clock with fine tuning, → precise results
  • Timer… simply a timer
  • Graph of speed changes during a session
  • Progress graphs by days and sessions
  • Statistics: how much has been keyed in (in Kb) and how long it took
  • Illumination of letters and finger work zones on the virtual keyboard
  • Super MP3 sounds and duper songs + a Playlist
  • Support for several users
  • User-friendly thought out interface
  • Customizable appearance
  • Detailed help with a logic game

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