How to view two regions of a multipage Word document using split view

Sometimes when you are typing out a multipage word document, you may need to frequently refer to an earlier page in the same document. Or imagine a situation where you have a table that spreads across multiple pages. The table’s header row appears only on the first page, so when you navigate to any other page, the header row disappears, and your data becomes much harder to read.

This is where the split view feature can come in handy. The split view divides the document window into two panes and the same document appears in both the panes. Each of the panes can be handled independently. You can scroll the top pane to show the page you want to view while keeping a different page visible in the bottom pane for editing. There are two ways you can  enable the split view.

a) In Office 2007 click on View and then click on the Split button. If you are using an earlier version of Office, on the menu, click on Window followed by Split. After clicking Split button, the cursor becomes a horizontal gray line. Click a point on the document to create a split along the line. Once you have split the document window, you can drag the split bar up or down to resize the panes as needed. To work with a particular pane, first click anywhere on the pane to activate it.

b) Another way to split the document is to click and drag the Split button that displays at the top of the vertical scroll bar (above the View Ruler button).

Removing the split bar

Once you no longer require the split, you can remove it by going to View > Remove Split in Office 2007 or Windows > Remove Split in earlier versions. An easier way is to just click and drag the split bar to either top or bottom end of the document window.

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