How to say ‘No To All’ when copying files in Windows

Have you noticed that Windows XP gives you a ‘Yes to all‘ option in its file copy dialog box, which is useful if you would like to overwrite files in a directory with newer files of the same name from another location, but for some strange reason fails to offer a ‘No to all’ option for doing the opposite? Annoying, if you think about it.

What if you have a lengthy file copy operation partially finished, and wish to restart it? If you use the default options, you essentially have to recopy every file, since saying ‘No’ to every duplicate file will take just as long.

Fortunately, there’s a way to tell XP not to copy all duplicated files, with a single command.

To do this, when the file copy dialog box first appears asking you whether you wish to overwrite a file, hold down [Shift] and click ‘No’. This will automatically answer ‘No’ for all the files that follow!.